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图片新闻【22】Crews Collect Pieces of Russian Jet

2010-06-27 23:04:14 来源:世博英语

By SARAH KARUSH, Associated Press Writer

SOCHI, Russia (AP) - Salvage workers scrambled Friday to collect wreckage from the Black Sea, gathering evidence that may tell whether a terrorist attack or an errant Ukrainian missile brought down a Russian plane full of Israelis. Grief-stricken relatives gathered in this southern resort to identify bodies of their loved ones.

索契,俄罗斯 (美联社)— 救援人员在星期五紧急赶往黑海地区收集飞机残骸,以搜集证据来判断究竟是恐怖袭击还是迷航的乌克兰导弹使满载以色列人的俄航飞机坠毁。悲痛欲绝的遇难者家属陆续赶到这座南部旅游城市辨认他们亲人的遗体。

U.S. intelligence officials believe the plane was accidentally hit by a Ukrainian S-200, or SA-5, missile - a large surface-to-air missile built to shoot down heavy bombers flying at high altitudes.


The United States tracked the missile during a Ukrainian military exercise with satellites that sense the heat of its launch, and officials said the time of the launch coincided with the disaster.


Ukrainian officials heatedly denied the allegation, but Ukrainian Prime Minister Anatoliy Kinakh appeared to soften Kiev's stance on Friday with the comment that the U.S. version ``has a right to exist.''

乌克兰政府官员情绪激愤地否认了这一指责,但是总理Anatoliy Kinakh在周五似乎软化了基辅方面的立场,他称美方的观点“有存在的理由。”

He told Ukrainian journalists that there were no official conclusions from the Ukrainian investigation, the Interfax news agency reported. He also said that if there were ``serious information'' about Ukrainian involvement, the U.S. side would have given it to Moscow.


Earlier Friday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov sent an urgent request to the Pentagon for ``documentary data'' that could prove or disprove its officials' contention, Interfax said. Ivanov said he had not yet received a reply.

周五早些时候,俄国防部长Sergei Ivanov向美国五角大楼发出紧急请求,要求美方提供可以证明或推翻其官员说法的“切实证据”,"Interfax"报道说。Ivanov说他还没有得到答复。

Vladimir Rushailo, the head of Russia's Security Council, who is overseeing the investigation into Thursday's crash, said debris was spread over a 12-mile-wide area. Officials warned that it would be difficult to locate the plane's black box because the Black Sea is more than 7,000 feet deep at the crash site and the bottom is covered with 12 inches of silt.

负责监督周四飞机失事事件调查工作的俄安全委员会主席Vladimir Rushailo说,飞机碎片散落在方圆12英里的范围里。有官员告诫说由于失事海域水深超过7000英尺,并且海底沉积淤泥厚达12英寸,要找到飞机的黑匣子将很困难。

Rushailo said Moscow asked Israel and the United States for help recovering the black box. Israeli experts were expected Sunday to join the investigation.

Rushailo 说莫斯科已请求以色列和美国帮助寻找黑匣子。预计以色列专家将于周日加入调查工作。

He said the salvage effort was complicated by deteriorating weather, high waves and the Black Sea's strong currents that could sweep key evidence far away from the crash site.


Because of high hydrogen sulfide and low oxygen content, visibility in the sea is notoriously poor, said Mikhail Vinogradov, a Russian oceanographer, in an interview on Russia's state-controlled ORT television.

在接受俄罗斯国家电视台采访时,一位叫Mikhail Vinogradov的海洋学家说,由于海水的高硫化氢成分和低含氧量, 水中的能见度极低。

Their relatives began arriving in Sochi from Novosibirsk on Friday, pacing the halls of a local hotel. Others were expected from Israel on Sunday.


Police were stationed outside the gray concrete city morgue as grieving relatives went inside. Two of 14 bodies brought ashore had been identified.


The local Jewish community was trying to help the family members.


Crying relatives also gathered Friday at the Tel Aviv airport.


Parts of the fuselage and cockpit were recovered along with a door of the plane.


Holes were found in the door, leading to speculation they may have been caused by gunfire. Rushailo said it was premature to conclude holes in the cabin door had come from bullets - which might support Russia's theory that the plane had been targeted by terrorists.


A civil aviation official for the Siberian region where the plane was bound told Russia's NTV television Friday that an air traffic controller in Rostov saw a bright spot approaching the plane before it disappeared from the radar screen.


Ukrainian officials denied the U.S. missile claim, saying they had launched only short-range missiles that couldn't reach the plane flying some 155 miles away.


Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksandr Kuzmuk said Ukrainian and Russian monitoring showed the missiles hit their targets at the calculated times, and that the time differed from the crash of the plane. None of the 23 rockets launched were in the direction of the crash, he said.

乌克兰国防部长Oleksandr Kuzmuk说乌克兰和俄罗斯的对演习的监控记录显示全部导弹都在预定时刻击中各自的目标,并且与坠机时间不符。演习所发射的23枚导弹中没有一枚瞄向事故发生地方向,他说。

However, the Interfax-Military News Agency cited Ukrainian defense officials saying that a radar-guided missile could have deviated from its target and homed in on the airliner instead.


The Ukrainian Defense Ministry refused to comment on the report.



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