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常春藤解析英语【5】I Didn't Know That. 我不知道

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I Didn't Know That. 我不知道

by Jerri Graham

How much do you know? Once you watch National Geographic Channel's I Didn't Know That, you will be surprised at how little knowledge you actually have. This 10-part series is packed with action as it explores dozens of minute facts about everyday items. All of these ordinary things that we use on a daily basis may not appear exciting, but once National Geographic Channel shines the spotlight on them, you'll never see them in the same way again.

Money makes the world go round. We all use it, need it, and want more of it. Did you know that the average bank note has microscopic grains of cocaine on it? Yes, that's right. Cocaine! This illegal drug can be found in small amounts on a $100 bill. Speaking of cash, the Aztecs didn't use paper money the way we do nowadays. Instead, they used cocoa beans. The same beans that are used to make hot chocolate were once the main currency for these people. Just imagine; you could actually drink away your entire allowance.

In most offices, you'll see desks, computers, and chairs. Those office chairs get a lot of use throughout the course of a lifetime. Office chairs must be durable and have the ability to stand up to the pressure of being sat on 5,000 times a year. In order to test their durability, a fake butt mechanically sits in a chair some 50,000 times.

After meals, most people brush their teeth. In a person's lifetime, this toothpaste adds up to some 80 liters. If you're short on cash, you could always make your own toothpaste. All you need are five ingredients — baking soda, salt, glycerin, water, and peppermint. Once you've finished brushing your teeth, you could also use the toothpaste to polish your silver.

Yes, money may make the world go round, but trivia about everyday items in our lives makes the world much richer. After watching these 10 episodes, you won't be able to say, "I didn't know that!"

1. The passage is mainly about ______.
(A) interesting bits of information featured on a TV show
(B) a TV show about designing office equipment
(C) new developments in making money
(D) advances made in technology in the past decade

2. According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE about money?
(A) Cocoa beans are the most valuable form of currency in the world.
(B) Half of all the money in Colombia is made from cocaine.
(C) A group of people once used a type of beans as money.
(D) Money is spinning around us all of the time.

3. Why are chairs tested?
(A) To test their sturdiness.
(B) To figure out who will use them.
(C) To see how much they weigh.
(D) To find out how many times people sit down every year.

4. In the article, why would someone want to make their own toothpaste?
(A) They want cleaner teeth.
(B) They have over 80 liters of it.
(C) They don't have enough toothpaste.
(D) They can save money if they make their own.


1. be surprised at...  对……感到惊讶
例: None of us were surprised at the fact that Sam won the essay contest.

2. be packed with...  充满……
例: Each month, this fashion magazine is packed with useful advice for young women.

3. spotlight n. 聚光灯
be in the spotlight  成为众人焦点
例: The actress has been in the spotlight ever since she began acting at the age of six.

4. in small/large amounts  小量∕大量地
例: You can only buy food in large amounts at that store.

5. instead adv. 相反地;(反)而
例: I'm not going home next month. Instead, I'll go to Hong Kong.

6. in/during/throughout the course of... 在……的过程中
例: Throughout the course of Mr. Lee's life, he worked to help the poor in his country.

7. add up to...  总计达……
例: His credit card bills add up to $50,000 this month.

8. be short on...  缺少……
例: Robert is short on time, but he'll call you back as soon as he can.

9. polish vt. 擦亮
例: Mother polished the table until it looked better than it did when it was new.

10. feature vt. 以……为特色
例: The book features some of the best short stories of the past 20 years.


...a fake butt mechanically sits in a chair some 50,000 times.

此处的 some 为修饰数量形容词的副词,表『大约』之意,常见的此类副词尚有:about, around, nearly, roughly, approximately。

例: After the floods, the Red Cross fed some 10,000 people in that shelter.


1. minute a. 微细的,微小的

2. bank note  钞票,纸币

3. microscopic a. 极微小的

4. cocaine n. 古柯碱

5. currency n. 货币

6. allowance n. 零用钱
= pocket money

7. durable a. 耐用的,持久的

8. pressure n. 压力

9. durability n. 耐久性

10. mechanically adv. 机械地

11. toothpaste n. 牙膏

12. liter n. 公升

13. glycerin n. 甘油

14. peppermint n. 薄荷

15. trivia n. 琐事

16. episode n.(电视节目的)一集

17. spin vi. 旋转

18. sturdiness n. 坚固,耐用


1. on a daily basis  每天

2. Money makes the world go round.  有钱能使鬼推磨。

3. drink away...  喝掉……


你知道的事有多少?看了国家地理频道全新系列 I Didn't Know That 后,你会惊讶地发现自己拥有的知识少得可怜。这个系列分成十个单元,探索生活用品的同时,又让节目充满动感。我们每天所用的这些普通用品也许并不起眼,但是经过国家地理频道的『加持』,会让你用不同以往的眼光来看待。

1. 这篇文章主要是关于 _____。
(A) 某个电视节目所放映的有趣知识
(B) 设计办公室设备的节目
(C) 制作钱币的新发展
(D) 过去十年来的科技发展
题解: 本文一开始即说这个系列节目在探索关于日常生活用品的各种知识,可知 (A) 应为正选。

2. 根据本文,以下关于钱的叙述何者为真?
(A) 可可豆是全世界最有价值的货币。
(B) 哥伦比亚一半的钱都是用古柯碱制成的。
(C) 有群人曾经使用某种豆子作为货币。
(D) 钱无时无刻绕着我们打转。
题解: 本文第二段提到阿兹提克人曾使用可可豆作为货币,故(C) 为正选。

3. 为何椅子会被测试?
(A) 为了测试其坚固性。
(B) 以便了解谁会使用它们。
(C) 测试它们的重量。。
(D) 看看人们一年坐下几次。
题解: 文中第三段说,为了测试椅子的持久性,会让一个假屁股坐椅子坐上五万次,可知 (A) 应为正选。

4. 在文章中,为何有人想要自己制作牙膏?
(A) 他们想要更干净的牙齿。
(B) 他们有超过八十公升的牙膏。
(C) 他们的牙膏不够用。
(D) 他们自己做牙膏就可以省钱。
题解: 文中第四段说,假如你缺钱的话(short on cash),你可以自己做牙膏,可知 (D) 应为正选。

标准答案: 1. (A) 2. (C) 3. (A) 4. (D)

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