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常春藤解析英语【13】Seconds from Disaster (Season 3)重返危机现场 3

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Seconds from Disaster (Season 3)重返危机现场 3

by Jerri Graham

The clock is ticking with each movement bringing death closer. Seconds pass and the scent of disaster grows. Fortunately, this is not your fate. You are watching scenes of disasters that have been carefully recreated using actors, archival footage, Computer Generated Imagining (CGI), eyewitness accounts, and forensic evidence. Only one channel can bring such situations to life─National Geographic. Seconds from Disaster (Season 3) holds your hand and leads you through the moments leading up to tragedies that have shaken the world.

In 1972, the Munich Olympics were underway. On September 5, shortly after four in the morning, Palestinian terrorists killed two Israeli athletes and captured nine others. The ordeal lasted nearly 24 hours and before it was over, all of the hostages were killed along with five terrorists and one German police officer. Go inside this tragedy and watch as the truth is finally brought to light.

Shopping is a pastime many of us indulge in on a regular basis. Imagine if your day at the mall were to turn into your last one on this planet. This is exactly what happened to more than 500 workers and shoppers at a superstore in Seoul, South Korea. On the evening of June 29, 1995, in less than 20 seconds, thousands of tons of rubble buried hundreds alive. Miraculously, two weeks later, survivors were pulled from beneath the concrete. Hear their harrowing tales in Superstore Collapse.

"You jump, I jump, right?" Those words were uttered on-screen in the motion picture, Titanic. Had Jack and Rose been actual passengers on the real ship, they would have jumped for joy at its magnitude and beauty. The ship was said to be "unsinkable," but an iceberg put that claim to bed on April 14, 1912. For decades, theories had floated around about what happened to the ship, but new evidence blows them out of the water.

Watch closely as Seconds from Disaster counts down on some of the greatest tragedies known to man.

1. Why might the series Seconds from Disaster be worth watching?
(A) Real victims are part of the reenactments.
(B) A group of rescue workers wrote and directed the series.
(C) CGI reinvents the stories to make them fit the time of the show.
(D) The stories are recreated through a combination of different things.

2. In total, how many people were killed during the Munich Olympics?
(A) 17.
(B) 9.
(C) 5.
(D) 2.

3. During its time, the Titanic was considered to be ______.
(A) unmanageable
(B) indestructible
(C) unbelievable
(D) intolerable

4. Which of the following do all of these disasters have in common?
(A) Victims were unprepared for the events.
(B) No one knew who started the fires.
(C) Everyone thought the water was safe.
(D) Shopping shouldn't be a scary situation.


1. archival a. 档案(纪录)的,存盘的

2. footage n. 影片

3. forensic a. 法庭的

4. underway a. 在进行中的

5. capture vt. 掳获

6. hostage n. 人质

7. superstore n. 大型商场

8. rubble n. 瓦砾

9. miraculously adv. 奇迹般地

10. concrete n. 混凝土

11. harrowing a. 痛苦的,悲惨的

12. utter vt. 发出(声音)

13. on-screen adv. 在屏幕上

14. motion picture n. 电影

15. magnitude n. 巨大,庞大

16. unsinkable a. 不会沈的

17. iceberg n. 冰山

18. reenactment n. 重现(以前发生的事情)

19. unmanageable a. 难以管理的

20. indestructible a. 无法摧毁的

21. intolerable a. 不能忍受的


1. on a regular basis  经常地;规律地

2. in total  总共

3. be unprepared for...  对……没有准备


Had Jack and Rose been actual passengers on the real ship, they would have jumped...
= If Jack and Rose had been actual passengers on the real ship, they would have jumped...


1.tick vi.(钟、表等)发出滴答声
tick away  在滴答声中度过
例: Time is ticking away and I haven't done a bit of my homework.

2.lead up to...  渐渐导致……
例: The problems that led up to her leaving her husband were numerous.

3.shortly after/before...  在……之后∕之前没多久
例: Shortly before a tornado, most people say it sounds like a train is coming.

4.ordeal n. 苦难,折磨
例: Several of the victims of the fire told about their ordeal on the news.

5.along with...  连同……
= together with...
例: Our dog, along with a hundred others, was poisoned by that dog food.

6.bring...to light/bring to light...  揭露……
例: The reporter brought to light the truth about the researchers' false claims.

7.indulge in...  沉溺于∕纵情于……
例: Kathy indulged in buying Christmas gifts for her friends and family.

8.bury...alive  将……活埋
例: Last night, I had a dream that all of my shoes fell on top of me and buried me alive.

9.put...to bed  使……结束∕不可能
例: My mother put my cries for an iPod to bed when she said she wouldn't buy it unless I got an A on my next exam.
(我妈妈说除非我下次考试得到 A,否则她不会买 iPod 给我,让我的渴望无法实现。)

10.float vi. 流传;散布
例: Rumors of the singer's pregnancy floated around for several weeks.

11.blow...out of the water  推翻……;击败……脱颖而出
blow...out of the water  推翻……;击败……脱颖而出
例: Our new products will totally blow the competition out of the water.

12.count down  倒数
例: How did you count down to the New Year?

13.be worth N/V-ing  值得……
例: That restaurant is worth checking out. It's supposed to have great pasta.

14.have...in common  具有……共通点
例: Mike and Jane are dating, but they have nothing in common at all.


时钟滴滴答答,死神一步步靠近。几秒钟过去,灾难的气息越来越浓。幸好这不是你的命运。你只是在观看利用演员、存盘的影片、计算机生成图像技术、目击者的描述以及法庭证据精心制作的灾难现场重现。只有国家地理频道能重现这样的场景。《重返危机现场 3》牵着你的手,带领你慢慢经历震惊世界的悲剧时刻。
1972 年,慕尼黑奥运正如火如荼进行。九月五日刚过凌晨四点,巴勒斯坦恐怖分子杀害两名以色列运动员并俘虏了其它九位运动员。这场苦难持续了将近一天,在划下句点之前,所有人质均遭灭口,五名恐怖分子和一位德国警官也无法幸免于难。随着终被揭露的事实,一同透视悲剧现场。
许多人经常沉溺在逛街购物的消遣中。想象这一天竟成为你这辈子的最后一天。这实际发生在在南韩首尔一家大型商场,逾五百位工作人员和购物人群身上。 1995 年六月二十九日傍晚,不到二十秒时间,上千吨的碎石活埋了数百人。神奇的是,两周后,生还者从混凝土中被拉出来。在 Superstore Collapse 中听听他们悲惨的故事。
『你跳,我也跳,对吧?』是电影《铁达尼号》其中一幕的台词。如果杰克和萝丝是这艘大船的真正乘客,他们也许会为它的巨大和美丽喜极而跳。这艘船号称『永不沉没』,却在 1912 年四月十四日,让一座冰山终结这说法。数十年来,关于这艘船事发的理论满天飞,但新的证据完全推翻它们。
仔细欣赏《重返危机现场 3》,看国家地理频道如何倒数已为人所知的人间悲剧。

1. 为什么《重返危机现场》系列节目值得收看?
(A) 真正的受害者在重现的故事中演出。
(B) 一群搜救人员编写并执导这个系列节目。
(C) 计算机生成图像技术重现故事,使之配合节目的时代。
(D) 故事透过许多不同要素的结合而重现。
题解:根据第一段,本系列节目结合演员、存盘的影片、计算机生成图像技术、目击者的描述以及法庭证据等要素精心制作而成,缺一不可,故选 (D)。

2. 总共有多少人在慕尼黑奥林匹克运动会期间被杀害?
(A) 17 人。
(B) 9 人。
(C) 5 人。
(D) 2 人。
题解:根据第二段,两名以色列运动员最先遇害,而在整个事件结束前,其它被俘虏的九位运动员,连同五名恐怖分子和一位德国警官也被杀害,共计 17 名,故选 (A)。

3. 在当时,铁达尼号被视为 _____。
(A) 难以操控
(B) 无法摧毁
(C) 难以置信
(D) 无法容忍
题解:根据第四段,铁达尼号号称『永不沉没』,故选 (B)。

4. 下列何者是这些灾难的共通点?
(A) 受害者都对事件毫无准备。
(B) 没有人知道是谁纵火。
(C) 每个人都认为水很安全。
(D) 逛街不该是件恐怖的事。
题解:综观全文,灾难都是在毫无预警的情况下发生,使人措手不及,故选 (A)。

1. (D) 2. (A) 3. (B) 4. (A)

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