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常春藤解析英语【16】Diamonds Aren't Everyone's Best Friend 嗜血钻石

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Diamonds Aren't Everyone's Best Friend 嗜血钻石

by Jerri C. Graham

In the middle of dinner, Victor got down on one knee. Taking Claire's hand in his, he spoke the words she had been dying to hear, "Will you marry me?" Claire beamed as Victor reached into his pocket, pulling out the velvet-covered jewelry box. Nestled inside was a two-carat diamond. As he placed the ring on her finger, the look of joy on her face turned to horror as blood began to drip from the ring. This blood wasn't her own, but the blood of the thousands of men and women who died as a result of the diamond she was now wearing.

This example is an exaggerated illustration of the blood diamond trade. Blood diamonds are not red, nor are they dripping with blood. These are precious stones that are mined in countries that are considered war zones. The gems are then secretly sold, with the proceeds funding the war efforts of terrorists or of less-than-honorable military regimes.

Africa may be the cradle of civilization, but in it sleep age-old feuds that have taken countless lives. The majority of the world's diamonds come from Africa. Countries such as Angola, Sierra Leone, and the Ivory Coast are known to produce some of the most pristine diamonds on earth. These places are also known for their bloody wars and conflicts.

In 1974, Portugal's rule of Angola came to an end. Soon after independence, fighting among different factions broke out. The civil war lasted 27 years and took over half a million lives. Many of the bombs, bullets, and grenades used to kill were purchased using funds from the sale of diamonds. These diamonds found their way onto the fingers, wrists, and necks of the wealthy around the world.

For years, the diamond trade was stained with the blood of these sorts of operations. However, the public as well as governments around the world eventually became informed about its violent nature. Sanctions against the diamond industry in these countries made a difference and now most of these conflicts have been resolved and the trade is sparkling again.

1. What is the purpose of the first paragraph?
(A) To show the proper way to propose.
(B) To limit the time a person can wear a diamond.
(C) To suggest when and where to ask someone to marry you.
(D) To demonstrate how the diamonds we buy may have had a horrible past.

2. Which of the following isn't part of the blood diamond process?
(A) Diamonds are mined.
(B) Weapons are purchased.
(C) Countries reach peace agreements.
(D) Customers buy diamonds.

3. How did diamonds take lives in Angola?
(A) The terrorists used them as weapons.
(B) Different groups purchased weapons using money from the sale of diamonds.
(C) Diamonds are often used to create some of the most sophisticated weapons.
(D) Precious stones can add value to any country seeking independence.

4. What helped weaken the blood diamond trade?
(A) Searches for missing relatives lost in the conflict.
(B) Research done by participants in the diamond trade.
(C) Officials not allowing the sale of these diamonds.
(D) An increase in demand for other gemstones.


1. velvet n. 丝绒

2. carat n. 克拉(钻石的重量单位)

3. drip vi. 滴下

4. illustration n. 说明,例证

5. mine vt. 开采(矿物)

6. proceeds n. 收益(恒用复数)

7. less-than-honorable  一点也不值得尊敬的
  honorable a. 可尊敬的;高尚的

8. regime n. 政体

9. feud n. 宿仇;长期争斗

10. pristine a. 原始的;纯朴的

11. faction n.(政党、组织等的)派别

12. civil war n. 内战

13. grenade n. 手榴弹

14. sparkling a. 闪耀的

15. propose vi. 求婚
  propose to sb  向某人求婚

16. sophisticated a. 精密的

17. gemstone n. 宝石


1. get down on one knee  单膝下跪

2. as a result of...  由于……

3. the/a majority of...  大多数的……
  the/a minority of...  少数的……


1. Nestled inside was a two-carat diamond.
= A two-carat diamond was nestled inside.

2. ...but in it sleep age-old feuds that have taken countless lives.
= ...but age-old feuds that have taken countless lives sleep in it.


1.be dying + to V/for N  渴望(做)……
= be longing + to V/for N
= be eager + to V/for N
例: Gail has been dying to visit Spain ever since she started studying Spanish.

2.beam vi. 高兴地微笑
例: The grandmother was beaming at her newborn grandson.

3.nestle vt. 安置;使依靠(常用被动式)
例: The baby bird was nestled beneath her mother's wing.

4.exaggerated a. 夸张的
exaggerate vt. 夸张,夸大
例: The exaggerated report claimed that 15,000 people became sick because of the sour milk.

5.be the cradle of...   为……的摇篮∕发源地
from the cradle to the grave  从生到死,一辈子
例: The insurance company says that they will be with their customers from the cradle to the grave.

6.conflict n. 冲突;抵触
in conflict with...  与……冲突∕抵触
例: The two countries have been in conflict with each other since the beginning of the century.

7.come to an end  结束
例: The dictator's rule came to an end on the day of his death.

8.break out  (战争、疫情等)爆发
例: After a fight broke out at the nightclub, most of the guests quickly departed.

9.stain vt. 玷污;弄脏
例: The child spilled juice on the floor and stained his mother's new white carpet.

10.sanction n. 制裁(常用复数)
impose sanctions on/against...  对……实施制裁
例: The UN will impose sanctions against that country if they don't halt their nuclear program.

11.make a difference  有影响;使有所差别
例: Nothing you said made a difference in his decision. Tom will always do whatever he wants to do.

12.resolve vt. 解决;下定决心
resolve to V  下定决心做……
例: I've resolved to lose 10 kilos by the end of May.

13.demonstrate vt. 说明;展现
例: The computer company demonstrated its human side when it donated money to build a hospital.


1974 年,葡萄牙对安哥拉的统治告终。独立后不久,不同政党间的冲突爆发。内战持续了二十七年,超过五十万人因此丧生。许多用来杀戮的炸弹、子弹和手榴弹都是藉由钻石交易所得而购得。这些钻石就出现在全球有钱人的手指、手腕和脖子上。

1. 本文第一段的用意为何?
(A) 展现求婚的恰当方式。
(B) 限制一个人可以佩戴钻石的时间。
(C) 建议向人求婚的时机与地点。
(D) 说明我们购买的钻石可能拥有可怕的故事。
题解:本文第二段开头即点明上一段的例子夸张地说明了血钻石交易,可知 (D) 为正选。

2. 下列何者并非血钻石交易的过程之一?
(A) 开采钻石。
(B) 购买武器。
(C) 国家达成和平协议。
(D) 消费者购买钻石。
题解:血钻石交易指的是暗中卖掉钻石后,将所得利益用来资助恐怖分子或不正当的军事政体从事战争,可知 (C) 并非过程之一。

3. 钻石如何在安哥拉夺走人命?
(A) 恐怖分子用钻石当作武器。
(B) 不同团体利用卖钻石赚的钱购买武器。
(C) 钻石常被用来制造某些最精密的武器。
(D) 宝石能为任何寻求独立的国家增值。
题解:根据第四段,许多用来杀人的炸弹、子弹和手榴弹都是藉由钻石交易的所得而购得,故知 (B) 为正选。

4. 何者帮助削减血钻石交易?
(A) 对于在冲突中走失亲戚的搜寻行动。
(B) 参与钻石交易者所做的研究。
(C) 不允许这些钻石买卖的官员。
(D) 对其他宝石需求的增加。
题解:根据最末段,针对这些国家钻石业实施的制裁产生了效果,使钻石不再蒙上血腥的色彩,可知 (C) 为正选。

1. (D) 2. (C) 3. (B) 4. (C)

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