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2010-08-11 21:29:07 来源:常春藤英语

by Rebecca Fratzke

Universal Studios Hollywood — a place for fun, entertainment, and even history — is taking its first steps in a 25-year plan to expand the park. The new outline envisions an incredible growth of the amusement facilities as well as the development of a residential neighborhood in the area. This environmentally friendly living area is just another feather in the cap of this amazing park of wonder.

Originally known as Universal City, Universal Studios Hollywood was founded in 1915 by Carl Laemmle. It was the first studio to offer tours where audiences could watch films in production. Since then, Universal Studios has grown to include theme parks, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and much more. This park proved to be so popular that Universal Studios Florida opened in 1990, and last year, Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) celebrated its fifth birthday.

With so much past success from growth, it's no wonder that Universal is excited about its latest plans for expansion. Previous plans were scrapped due to complex zoning and environmental regulations. Now, they are ready to move ahead in full force.

While many new attractions are in the works for the new expansion, Universal will preserve some of its old attractions, such as the Bates Mansion from the film Psycho and the mechanical shark from Jaws. These attractions offer a historical perspective of the film industry. Preserving them illustrates the advance in film production techniques over the years. In addition to safeguarding the past, plenty of new high-tech soundstages, rides, and theaters are in the works. In May, Citywalk, a shopping, dining, and entertainment facility, began remodeling. Spring also saw the opening of SkyVenture Hollywood, an attraction where visitors can float 40 feet into the air on 125 mph winds. Not bad for a studio once called, "The strangest place on Earth."

1. As a result of the popularity of Universal Studios, ______.
(A) other parks and facilities were opened
(B) homeowners lost their property rights
(C) neighborhoods in the area were flattened
(D) Carl Laemmle decided to shut down his park

2. In the third paragraph, "scrapped" is closest in meaning to _____.
(A) blown up
(B) refused
(C) called off
(D) prolonged

3. According to the article, why will older attractions remain?
(A) They're too costly to replace.
(B) They provide insight into the development of the film industry.
(C) They represent the destruction of historic landmarks.
(D) They only cost US$25 million in annual upkeep.

4. What will more than likely occur because of the expansion of the park?
(A) The movie industry will improve its contents.
(B) Business will experience a slight slump.
(C) More tourists will be drawn to the area.
(D) Universal Studios will pass out more tour packages.


Spring also saw the opening of SkyVenture Hollywood, ...


a.此处的 see 表事件或情况『发生』、『存在』之意,通常以『时间』或『地方』作主词。

例: The 1990s saw several cultural exports from Japan make it big in Taiwan.

b.而 see 也可以表『经历』、『遭遇』、『有……的经验』,即等于 experience 之意,通常以『人』作主词。

例: The poor old beggar had seen better days when he was young.


1. take one's first step(s) 开始某人的第一步
例: The couple is taking their first step to moving overseas.

2. envision vt. 展望;想象(未来等)
例: We envision a bright and prosperous future for our new company.

3. a feather in the cap of...= a feather in one's cap  是……值得自豪的成就

例: The new book is a real feather in that author's cap because it's her best yet.

4. prove (to be) N/adj. 证明(是)……
此处的 prove 作不完全不及物动词用,表『证明是』、『显示』之意,等同于 turn out,之后接 "to be + N/adj." 作主词补语,而 to be 可省略。

例: After a series of investigations, the suspect was proven (to be) innocent and has been released.

5. be excited about... 对……感到兴奋
例: The scientists were excited about the results of the experiment.

6. scrap vt. 放弃,抛弃
例: We'll have to scrap our plans for a vacation if that typhoon hits.

7. in full force 全力以赴,用尽一切力量
例: With the election just around the corner, the candidates will be campaigning in full force.

8. in the works 建设中;进行中
例: The legislation has been in the works for five years.

9. preserve vt. 保存,保护
例: All of us must do our part to preserve the natural habitat of those butterflies.

10. illustrate vt.(举例)说明∕证明
例: Could you please illustrate what you're trying to say a bit more? I don't fully understand it.

11. safeguard vt. 防卫,保护
例: To safeguard our computer system, the engineer installed anti-virus software.

12. blow up (...) (使……)爆炸
例: The bomb blew up and destroyed the building.

13. prolong vt. 延长
例: Please don't prolong the story. Just tell me everything right now.

14. replace vt. 取代
replace A with B  以 B 取代 A
例: We're going to replace our old car with a new one next month.

15. pass out... 发送∕散发……
例: There are always people passing out free tissues on this corner.


1. appeal n. 吸引力
2. outline n. 大纲,轮廓
3. facilities n. 设备(恒用复数)
4. residential a. 住宅的
5. environmentally friendly  环保的
6. production n. 制作;生产
7. expansion n. 扩张
8. zoning n. 都市的区域划分
9. mechanical a. 机器的
10. historical a. 历史的,史学的 historic a. 有历史性的
11. perspective n. 观点
12. soundstage n. 有声电影摄影棚(声音被有效控制、隔离的室内摄影棚)
13. remodel vi. & vt. 重建,改装
14. property n. 财产
15. costly a. 昂贵的
16. landmark n. 地标
17. upkeep n. 维修费
18. slump n. 下跌,衰败
19. tour package  套装旅行团行程


1. shut down...  关闭……
2. call off...  取消……(= cancel...)
3. be drawn to...= be attracted to...  被吸引到……



1915年由卡尔‧莱梅里创立的环球影城最初称为寰宇之都,是第一个开放游客观赏电影制作过程的片厂。从那时起,环球影城便发展成一个包含主题乐园、餐厅、旅馆与购物中心等的地方。游乐园大受欢迎的程度促使佛罗里达州的环球影城在 1990 年开幕,而去年大阪的环球影城也欢庆五周年。


虽然为扩建计划增设的新设施正在动工,环球影城也保留了一些旧设施,像是电影《惊魂记》中的贝兹豪宅和《大白鲨》中的机器鲨鱼。这些设施能提供电影工业史的一面。保留这些设备可以说明制片技术这几年来的进步。除了保存过去,许多新颖的高科技有声电影摄影棚、乘坐设备和剧场都正在兴建中。五月时,结合购物、餐饮和娱乐设施的环球街市开始重新整修。SkyVenture 也于春季开幕,游客可以时速 125 英里的风速在 40 英尺的高空漂浮。对曾被称为『地球上最奇怪的地方』而言,这还真不赖。

1. 因为环球影城的高人气,_____。
(A) 其它分馆与设施也陆续开张
(B) 屋主失去自己的财产权
(C) 邻近区域遭夷平
(D) 卡尔‧莱梅里决定关闭游乐园

题解: 根据本文第二段,由于游乐园大受欢迎,佛罗里达州的环球影城在 1990 年开幕,而去年大阪的环球影城也欢庆五周年,加上最近的扩建计划,可知应选 (A)。

2. 第三段中的 "scrapped" 意思是 _____。
(A) 被炸掉
(B) 被拒绝
(C) 被取消
(D) 被延长

题解: scrap 的意思是『放弃、抛弃』,与 (C) 的意思相近,故选之。

3. 根据本文,为何旧的设备被保留下来?
(A) 取代它们太花钱。
(B) 它们使人得以洞察电影业的发展。
(C) 它们代表历史性地标的破坏。
(D) 它们每年仅耗费两千五百万美金的维修费。

题解: 根据第四段,这些保留下来的旧设施能提供电影工业史的一面,说明制片技术这几年来的进步,故选 (B)。

4. 因游乐园的扩建,什么事情可能会发生?
(A) 电影工业会改善其内容。
(B) 生意会稍微下跌。
(C) 会有更多人被吸引到该区。
(D) 环球影城会推出更多旅游套装行程。

题解: 从全文中的描述中可以推论,环球影城广受欢迎,不断推陈出新,势必吸引更多人前往,故选 (C)。

标准答案: 1. (A) 2. (C) 3. (B) 4. (C)

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