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常春藤解析英语【24】Is It Real 3 奇闻大揭秘3

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Is It Real 3 奇闻大揭秘3

by Jerri Graham

Most people have some common sense. When we see something suspicious on TV, in the newspaper, or on the Internet, we roll our eyes and wonder how anyone could believe something so stupid. Nevertheless, there are stories that even educated people still believe. These tales may or may not be true, but they leave us wondering whether they are real or not. On National Geographic Channel, these stories are dissected in full detail in the series Is It Real 3.

Thousands of years ago, aliens landed on Earth. They tampered with the evolution of humans and the results of this can be seen practically everywhere. Sound ridiculous? Not to some people. Believe it or not, there are those who believe that alien astronauts had a hand in making the human race what it is today. Travel back in time with Ancient Astronauts and visit our "alien ancestors."

In the autumn of 1888, Jack the Ripper roamed the streets of London's East End. After his reign of terror was over, five women had been butchered. To this day, the mystery of who slaughtered these ladies remains unsolved. No one knows for sure, but the truth may be revealed on Jack the Ripper.

Vampires. Just the thought of these fictional beasts is enough to make your blood run cold. While we may think that they only come to life in books and movies, vampires are actually based on real people. Historians, folklorists, scientists, and doctors all work together to investigate the plausibility of vampires. Take a bite into this juicy mystery on Vampires.

No other channel can offer this type of programming other than National Geographic Channel. In this unique series, they've stripped away 12 myths that have stood the test of time to expose the truth and find out the answer to the question, Is It Real?

1. What type of person would believe these stories?
(A) Anyone with a fear of ghosts.
(B) A person without any common sense.
(C) Anyone with a bit of imagination.
(D) Only educated people.

2. Who was Jack the Ripper?
(A) A notorious actor in London's East End theater district.
(B) A name assigned to a famous butcher.
(C) The moniker given to an unknown murderer.
(D) The serial killer of hundreds of women in the 1800s.

3. The truth about vampires may be known because ______.
(A) a novelist is looking into it
(B) different people in different fields are weighing in on it
(C) there's new evidence that can prove their existence
(D) National Geographic Channel knows the truth

4. What is the purpose of this series?
(A) To uncover the details about a series of murders.
(B) To solve well-known crimes.
(C) To hide the truth about fairy tales.
(D) To take apart stories that people believe.


2. educated a. 受过教育的
3. alien n. & a. 外星人(的)
4. ridiculous a. 荒谬的
5. astronaut n. 航天员
6. ancestor n. 祖先
7. reign n. 统治
8. butcher vt. 屠杀,残杀 & n. 屠夫
9. vampire n. 吸血鬼
10. folklorist n. 民俗学研究者
11. plausibility n. 可信度,合理性
12. juicy a. 多汁的
13. programming n. 电视节目(制作)
14. expose vt. 使暴露于
15. moniker n. 绰号
16. serial killer n. 连续杀人犯
17. existence n. 存在


1. in (full) detail  详细地
2. believe it or not  信不信由你
3. for sure= for certain  确定地
4. come to life  变得栩栩如生;活了起来
5. be based on/upon...  根据……


1. suspicious a. 令人怀疑的
be suspicious of...  对……起疑心
例: The security guard was suspicious of the nervous man dressed in black.

2. nevertheless adv. 然而
例: Brian was tired. Nevertheless, he still went out to see a movie with Maria.

3. dissect vt. 剖析;解剖
例: Why is the lawyer trying to dissect everything that I say?

4. tamper with... 胡乱摆弄……;擅自篡改……
tamper vi. 摆弄;窜改
例: Please don't tamper with my briefcase. I have everything in the order I like it.

5. have a hand in... 干预∕插手……
例: The teacher had a hand in picking who would be the next president of the bridge club.

6. roam vt. 在……来回走动,漫步于
例: Sam roamed the streets in search of his lost kitten.

7. slaughter vt. 屠杀
例: More than one million chickens have been slaughtered since the outbreak of bird flu.

8. make one's blood run cold 使某人毛骨悚然
例: The picture of my ex-girlfriend makes my blood run cold.

9. investigate= look into... vt. 调查
例: The police promised to investigate the corrupt politician.

10. other than... 除了……(没有……);撇开……不谈
例:Other than the traffic, this city is not a bad place to live.

11. strip away... 剥除……;除去……
例: The report stripped away the little bit of credibility the president had left.

12. stand the test of time 禁得起时间的考验
例: This classic song has stood the test of time.

13. be assigned to... 被认定给……;被指派……
例:The reporter was assigned to follow the movie star around for a day.

14. weigh in on... 就……提出论点
例: Howard weighed in on the controversy, saying that he supports strict gun laws.

15. take apart... 分析∕分解……
例:The interviewer took apart the woman's story and she ended up breaking down in tears.


大部分的人都有些基本常识。当我们在电视、报纸或网络上看见可疑的事物,我们转动眼珠,怀疑怎么会有人相信如此愚蠢的事情。然而,就算受过教育的人,也会相信某些故事。这些故事或真或假,但的确让我们怀疑其真实性。国家地理频道的系列节目《奇闻大揭秘 3》将为您剖析这些故事。




1. 什么样的人会相信这些故事?
(A) 任何怕鬼的人。
(B) 没有常识的人。
(C) 有一点想象力的人。
(D) 只有受过教育的人。
题解:根据第一段,就算受过教育的人,也会相信某些不可思议的故事,暗示只要有想象力,几乎每个人都可能会相信某些传说,故选 (C)。

2. 谁是开膛手杰克?
(A) 一个伦敦东区戏场恶名昭彰的演员。
(B) 用来指称一个著名的屠夫。
(C) 一名不为人知的杀人犯代称。
(D) 1800 年代杀了上百名女性的连续杀人犯。
题解: 根据第三段,开膛手杰克杀害五名女子,但身分成谜,故选 (C)。

3. 吸血鬼的传说可能真相大白,因为 _____。
(A) 一位小说家正在研究
(B) 不同领域的人针对此事提出不同的论点
(C) 有新的证据能证明他们存在
(D) 国家地理频道知道真相
题解:根据第四段,历史学家、民俗学家、科学家与医生一同调查吸血鬼究竟可信与否,可知他们将站在各自的领域,提出不同的论点,证实吸血鬼的真假,故选 (B)。

4. 本系列节目的目的是什么?
(A) 揭露一连串谋杀案的细节。
(B) 解决知名的犯罪案件。
(C) 藏匿童话故事的真相。
(D) 剖析人们相信的故事之真相。
题解:根据最末段,国家地理频将抽丝剥茧12个历经时间考验的神秘事件,揭发真相,寻找解答,故选 (D)。
标准答案: 1. (C) 2. (C) 3. (B) 4. (D)

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