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常春藤解析英语【27】Owls 猫头鹰

2010-08-12 06:12:26 来源:常春藤英语
Owls 猫头鹰

by Jerri Graham

As Harry Potter's beloved pet, Hedwig, a Snowy owl, is probably the most famous bird in the world. Snowy owls are just one of the more than 200 species of owls. Owls _(1)_ size and can be as little as the 31-gram Elf owl and as large as the Blakiston's Fish Owl, which can weigh almost five kilograms. Owls are actually very different from other birds.

Owls are nocturnal animals, which means that they sleep during the day and hunt at night. They are known both for their unique call, or hoot, and their extremely good sight. They use these features to navigate and hunt in the dark. They are far-sighted and use this vision to track and target their prey _(2)_ a distance.

_(3)_ pigeons and sparrows can exist on seeds and grains, this would not satisfy most owls. Instead, they prefer to eat small mammals such as moles, mice, and rabbits. _(4)_ these warm-blooded creatures, they will also feed on insects and other birds when hunger strikes. Like other birds of prey, owls have sharp beaks and claws that they use to tear their food to pieces before eating it.

Sometimes they do swallow larger chunks of bone, feathers, and other things that are indigestible. What their bodies don't digest is thrown up _(5)_ owl pellets. These lumps of bone and other bits are collected because they are _(6)_ for studying the habits and diet of owls.

Owls serve man by _(7)_ some of the pests that would make life unbearable. Protecting their habitat is, in a sense, a way of protecting our own.

1. (A) vary in (B) range from (C) cover up (D) yield to
2. (A) upon (B) beyond (C) from (D) among
3. (A) Since (B) Whether (C) Unless (D) While
4. (A) Except for (B) In addition to (C) Rather than (D) In spite of
5. (A) in the form of (B) for the sake of (C) at the sight of (D) on the verge of
6. (A) costless (B) invalid (C) worthless (D) invaluable
7. (A) promoting (B) eliminating (C) attracting (D) neglecting


1. Owls vary in size and can be as little as the 31-gram Elf owl and...
a. (A) vary in...  在……(方面)有所不同
例: My grandmother's roses vary in color and size.
(B) range from A to B  范围从 A 到 B
例: Prices of new cars in America range from $10,000 to more than $100,000.
(C) cover up...  遮盖∕覆盖……
例: Cover up that ugly picture; we have guests coming to the house.
(D) yield to...  屈服于……
例: After two days on a diet, he finally yielded to his hunger and ate a cheeseburger.
b. 空格后为名词 size(尺寸),故根据语意、用法,可知应选 (A)。

2. They are far-sighted and use this vision to track and target their prey from a distance.
a. 本空格测试下列固定用法:
from a distance  从远处
例: The letters on that neon sign are so big that they are visible from a distance.
b. 根据上述,可知应选 (C)。

3. While pigeons and sparrows can exist on seeds and grains, this would not satisfy most owls.
a. (A) since conj. 因为;自从
(B) whether conj. 是否
(C) unless conj. 除非
(D) while conj. 虽然
例: While I like the design of the bag, I do not like its color.
b. 空格应选填一副词连接词来连接两句,而选项虽均为连接词,但根据语意,可知应选 (D)。

4. In addition to these warm-blooded creatures, they will also feed on...
a. (A) except for...  除了……之外
except for 使用时,必须与表完全概念的形容词 all, every, any, no 等并用。
例: The typhoon destroyed everything except for a single tree.
(B) in addition to...  除了……(还有)
例: In addition to being ugly, Jim was really rude.
(C) rather than...  而非……
例: I think you two should talk about your problems rather than fight all the time.
(D) in spite of...  尽管……
例: Many people think stinky tofu tastes delicious in spite of its odor.
b. 根据语意,可知应选 (B)。

5. What their bodies don't digest is thrown up in the form of owl pellets.
a. (A) in the form of...  以……的形状∕形式
= in the shape of...
例: My girlfriend baked a cake in the form of a heart for my birthday.
(B) for the sake of...  由于……的缘故
例: For the sake of your health, please stop drinking.
(C) at the sight of...  一看到……
例: The little girl laughed and clapped her hands at the sight of the puppy.
(D) on the verge of...  在……的边缘;即将……
例: I was on the verge of finishing the report when the power went out.
b. 根据语意,可知应选 (A)。

6. These lumps of bone and other bits are collected because they are invaluable for studying...
a. (A) costless a. 不花钱的
(B) invalid a. 无效的
valid a. 有效的
例: Larry's license has expired and is therefore invalid.
(C) worthless a. 无价值的
(D) invaluable a. 极有价值的
b. 根据语意,人类收集食茧,因为这对研究猫头鹰而言是『很有价值的』数据,可知应选 (D)。

7. Owls serve man by eliminating some of the pests that would make life unbearable.
a. (A) promote vt. 推销
(B) eliminate vt. 消灭,铲除
例: We have to eliminate pollution if we want to breathe healthy air.
(C) attract vt. 吸引(注意力)
(D) neglect vt. 忽视
b. 根据语意,可知应选 (B)。


1. be different from...  与……不同
= differ from...
例: You need to pay more attention in biology if you don't know how a spider is different from an insect.

2. track vt. 追踪
例: The hunter tracked the deer for miles before firing a shot.

3. satisfy vt. 使满足;使满意
be satisfied with...  对……满足;满意……
例: The mother was satisfied with her son's performance in school.

4. prefer to V  偏好做∕较喜欢……
例: I like to take showers in summer, but prefer to take baths in winter.

5. feed on...  (动物)以……为食
live on...  (人)靠……生存
例: Sharks feed on seals, smaller fish, and even whales.
例: Without food, human beings can live on water for three or four days.

6. throw up...  呕吐∕吐出……
= vomit vt.
例: Mary threw up her lunch after riding the roller coaster.

7. in a sense  就某种意义来说
例: He writes stories all the time, so in a sense, he's an author.


1. beloved a. 心爱的
2. species n. 物种(单复数同形)
3. nocturnal a. 夜行性的
4. hoot n. 猫头鹰的叫声
5. extremely adv. 极度地
6. navigate vi. 指引方向;导航
7. far-sighted a. 远视的
near-sighted a. 近视的
8. vision n. 视力
9. prey n. 猎物
bird of prey  食肉猛禽
10. grain n. 谷类
11. mammal n. 哺乳类动物
12. mole n. 鼹鼠
13. strike vi. 来袭 & vt. 侵袭
14. beak n. 鸟嘴,喙
15. claw n. 爪
16. chunk n. 大块
17. indigestible a. 不能消化的
18. digest vt. 消化(食物)
19. pellet n. 小球,丸
20. lump n. 团,块
21. pest n. 害虫
22. unbearable a. 无法忍受的
23. habitat n.(动物的)栖息地


哈利波特心爱的宠物『嘿美』是一只雪鸮,牠大概是全世界最有名的鸟了。雪鸮只是 200 多种猫头鹰的其中一种。猫头鹰的体型各异,有娇小如 31 公克的姬鸮,也有重达 5 公斤的岛枭。事实上,猫头鹰与其它鸟类非常不同。




标准答案: 1. (A) 2. (C) 3. (D) 4. (B) 5. (A) 6. (D) 7. (B)

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