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常春藤解析英语【30】To Own Or Not To Own? 枪枝管制

2010-08-12 06:18:38 来源:常春藤英语
To Own Or Not To Own? 枪枝管制

by Kevin Lustig

In light of the recent shootings at Virginia Tech, a lot of attention has been paid to the issue of gun laws. Could stronger gun laws _(1)_ this tragedy? Nobody can say for sure. Looking at the results of the various approaches to gun control in countries around the world, one can see that the evidence is mixed.

In the United States, gun ownership is considered a basic right that _(2)_ appears in the Constitution. While laws vary, Americans in most states can own a variety of guns, including handguns and rifles. Taiwan, on the other hand, is the exact _(3)_ of the US. Using, owning, selling, and making almost all types of firearms is illegal in Taiwan.

_(4)_ the results of these different systems, Taiwan and the US are similar in some ways. In 2005, the US had 5.6 homicides for every 100,000 people to Taiwan's 3.97. Both Taiwan and the US are well below the top nations in the world _(5)_ murders. However, America experienced almost 7.5 times as many violent crimes per 100,000 people as Taiwan did.

The United States and Taiwan are very different places and gun laws alone can't possibly explain all the variations in crime _(6)_ the two. However, as we see in this case, there is some evidence that violence and gun ownership are _(7)_. The debate will surely continue. Hopefully, as more data is analyzed, the conclusions that are reached will help prevent future tragedies.

1. (A) prevent (B) have prevented (C) be preventing (D) have been prevented
2. (A) yet (B) hardly (C) even (D) somewhat
3. (A) oppose (B) opposition (C) opponent (D) opposite
4. (A) As for (B) As with (C) As if (D) As though
5. (A) on account of (B) in place of (C) in terms of (D) on behalf of
6. (A) within (B) over (C) between (D) among
7. (A) accompanied (B) connected (C) affected (D) concerned


1. Could stronger gun laws have prevented this tragedy?
a. 作者在本句中提出假设性问题:
然而事实上,枪击案已经发生,因此本空格旨在测试与过去事实相反的假设语气,故主要子句中须用助动词的过去式,再加『have + 过去分词』。
例: If he had taken your advice, he might have avoided the mistake.
b. 根据上述,可知应选 (B)。

2. In the United States, gun ownership is considered a basic right that even appears in the Constitution.
a. (A) yet adv. 尚(与 not 并用)
例: It's already three days late and I still haven't finished my report yet.
(B) hardly adv. 几乎不
例: I hardly ever eat raw fish.
(C) even adv. 甚至
(D) somewhat adv. 有一点
somewhat 为一般副词,使用时通常置于形容词或副词之前修饰。
例: A toad is somewhat like a frog.
b. 根据语意及用法,可知应选 (C),表在美国,拥有枪枝被视为基本权利,『甚至』在宪法中都有明文规定之意。

3. Taiwan, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of the US.
a. (A) oppose vt. 反对
= be opposed to...
= object to...
例: The National Pet Association is opposed to the abuse of all living things.
(B) opposition n. 反对
opposition party  反对党
(C) opponent n. 对手
(D) opposite n. 相反 & a. 相反的
opposite sex  异性
例: You go this way, and I'll go in the opposite direction.
b. 空格前有形容词 exact,故根据语意与词性,可知应选 (D)。

4. As for the results of these different systems, Taiwan and the US are similar in some ways.
a. (A) As for sb/sth, S + V  就某人∕某物而言,……
例: As for Sheila, she wants to go hiking in the mountains this weekend.
(B) As with sb/sth, S + V  如同某人∕某物一样,……
例: As with all new employees, you'll have to go through two weeks of training.
(C) as if + S + V  彷佛∕好像……
= as though + S + V
例: Dave walked in and started to tell people what to do as if he were the boss.
b. 根据语意,可知应选 (A)。

5. Both Taiwan and the US are...in the world in terms of murders.
a. (A) on account of...  因为∕由于……
= as a result of...
= because of...
= due to...
例: Julia was late on account of the traffic jam.
(B) in place of...  取代……
例: My teacher said that we were going to the movies today in place of having class.
(C) in terms of...  在……方面,就……来说
例: In terms of pets, my favorites are cats and small dogs.
(D) on behalf of...  代表……
例: Wallace attended the meeting on behalf of the boss.
b. 根据语意,可知应选 (C)。

6. ...gun laws alone can't possibly explain all the variations in crime between the two.
a. (A) within prep. 在……之内
(B) over prep. 超过……
(C) between prep. 在……(两者)之间
例: The US president pushed for a quick peace agreement between the two sides.
(D) among prep. 在……(三者或三者以上)之间
b. 由空格后的 the two 可知,本空格应选 (C)。

7. ...there is some evidence that violence and gun ownership are connected.
a. (A) accompany vt. 陪伴
accompany sb to...  陪伴某人到……
例: Danny accompanied his daughter to school on her first day.
(B) connect vt. 使相关
be connected with...  和……有关
例: The police are digging into all the old files connected with this case.
(C) affect vt. 影响
(D) concern vt. 关注
be concerned about...  关心……
例: The father is concerned about his son's future.
b. 根据语意,可知应选 (B)。


1. in light of...  鉴于……
例: The judge decided that the trial couldn't continue in light of the new evidence.

2. approach n. 方法;步骤(其后常与介词 to 并用)
例: The new teacher's approach to teaching English was very interesting.

3. vary vi. 变化
例: The price of flights varies with different airlines.

4. a variety of...  各式各样的……
例: The gym offers a variety of classes, including yoga and martial arts.

5. well adv. 相当地
例: John said the store was a block down the street, but it was well beyond that.

6. alone a. 仅仅,单单(置于名词后作后位修饰)
例: In July alone, the computer company made 10 million dollars.

7. analyze vt. 分析
例: I'm sure if we take some time to analyze the problem, we'll find a solution.

8. reach a conclusion  达成结论
= come to a conclusion
例: We have to go through all of the information, so it will take a few days to reach a conclusion.


1. issue n. 议题
2. various a. 各种的
3. mixed a. 掺杂的,混合的
4. ownership n. 所有权
5. constitution n. 宪法;(大写)美国宪法
6. handgun n. 手枪
7. rifle n. 来复枪
8. firearm n. 枪枝
9. homicide n. 凶杀
10. variation n. 差异,变化
11. debate n. 争辩
12. data n. 数据,数据
注意: data 本为 datum 的复数形,但现今常作不可数名词用。


1. pay attention to...  注意……
2. on the other hand  另一方面
3. 倍数词 + as...as...  是……的几倍……




就不同制度的结果来看,台湾和美国在某些方面很相似。2005 年,美国每十万人有 5.6 起凶杀案,而台湾有 3.97起。在谋杀案方面,台湾和美国都远低于世界上高谋杀率的国家。但美国每十万人所犯下的暴力案件却几乎是台湾的 7.5 倍。


标准答案: 1. (B) 2. (C) 3. (D) 4. (A) 5. (C) 6. (C) 7. (B)

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