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常春藤解析英语【34】Best of Megastructures 伟大工程巡礼之最

2010-08-13 17:46:04 来源:常春藤英语
Best of Megastructures 伟大工程巡礼之最

by Kevin Lustig

In the last 100 years, 11 different skyscrapers have held the title of world's tallest building. With improvements in technology and materials, humans are pushing the limits of what buildings can do. The National Geographic Channel reports on designers pushing the limits in Best of Megastructures.

Dubai is developing a reputation for being the home of the most extreme buildings on the planet. Measuring more than 320 meters high, Dubai's Burj Al Arab is the tallest hotel in the world. As if being taller than the Eiffel Tower wasn't enough, it also stands on a massive man-made island 270 meters off the coast. Inspired by the shape of a traditional sail, the Burj Al Arab has faced, and withstood, numerous challenges to become Dubai's Dream Palace.

Down the beach from the Burj Al Arab and four kilometers into the Persian Gulf, another mammoth construction project is underway. This one won't break any records for height, but The World will become the largest man-made group of islands ever created. Requiring more than 320 million cubic meters of sand, The World will recreate a map of the globe in the form of 300 islands. After it's completed, 250,000 people are expected to become residents of the World Island Wonder.

Of course, the best plans require the best materials. A variety of buildings, from the Roman Pantheon to the Panama Canal, have stood the test of time because of concrete. Over 9,000 years after inventing bricks, we're still using them by the billions. And speaking of the world's most amazing buildings, it's impossible to ignore steel. The past and future of these amazing building materials are revealed in Megastructures: Concrete, Megastructures: Brick, and Megastructures: Steel.

With the breathtaking structures that are being planned, the sky is literally the limit. Take a look at what architects are achieving and how they're doing it in Best of Megastructures.

1. Dubai's Burj Al Arab is notable for being the world's _____.
(A) biggest motel
(B) longest island
(C) tallest hotel
(D) largest building

2. What will most likely be true about The World after it is completed?
(A) It will be made up of 320 million islands.
(B) It will be the world's largest artificial island.
(C) It will require exactly 320 million cubic meters of sand.
(D) It will be home to 250,000 residents.

3. What is similar about the Roman Pantheon and the Panama Canal?
(A) They were constructed with concrete.
(B) They are both ancient buildings.
(C) They include a mix of steel, bricks, and concrete.
(D) They used to be the world's tallest buildings.

4. In the fourth paragraph, the author is trying to _____.
(A) explain which building material is the best
(B) list all of the building materials that have ever been used
(C) give examples of some interesting building materials
(D) show the history of materials that have replaced each other


1. report on...  报导……的情况
例: Jim's first job on the news show was to report on the war.

2. reputation n. 名声
have a reputation for...  有……的名声
例: New York City used to have a reputation for having lots of crime.

3. off the coast (of...)  在(……的)外海
例: This type of fish has only been seen off the coast of Africa.

4. inspire vt. 启发;激励
be inspired by...  受到……启发
inspire sb to V  启发∕激励某人做……
例: My teacher's dedication to her students inspired me to work harder.

5. withstand vt. 承受;抵挡
例: The house couldn't withstand the strong winds of the storm and collapsed.

6. underway a. 进行中的
例: You can't go into the theater. The play is already underway.

7. in the form of...  以……的形式
例: The little boy really wanted a bed in the form of a racecar.

8. be expected to V  被预期做……
例: Five hundred people are expected to come to the opening of the art gallery.

9. a variety of...  各式各样的……
例: Our salon offers a variety of services including haircuts and perms.

10. stand the test of time  经得起时间的考验
例: Most old buildings have fallen down, but a few have stood the test of time.

11. speaking of...  说到∕谈到……
例: Speaking of universities, did you know that I was accepted into NYU?

12. breathtaking a. 惊人的;令人叹为观止的
例: The view of the sea from the top of the hill is breathtaking.

13. the sky's the limit  
例: Jessica is so smart that she can go to any school she wants. The sky's the limit.

14. be made up of...   由……组成
= be composed of...
= consist of...
例: The United States of America is made up of 50 individual states.


1. megastructure n. 巨型结构,建筑
2. skyscraper n. 高楼大厦,摩天大楼
3. improvement n. 改善,进步
4. extreme a. 极端的
5. massive a. 巨大的
6. man-made a. 人造的
7. sail n. 帆;帆船
8. mammoth a. 巨大的
9. cubic meter n. 立方公尺
10. resident n. 居民
11. pantheon n. 万神殿
12. canal n. 运河
13. concrete n. 混凝土
14. brick n. 砖块
15. steel n. 钢
16. reveal vt. 揭露
17. literally adv. 确实,的确
18. architect n. 建筑师
19. motel n. 汽车旅馆
20. artificial a. 人造的
21. construct vt. 建造
22. replace vt. 取代


1. break records  打破纪录
2. take a look at...  看一看……
3. be notable for...  以……闻名
4. be home to...  是……的居住地
5. used to V  以前曾经∕常常……


过去一百年来,有 11栋高楼大厦曾夺得世界第一高楼的头衔。随着科技与建材的进步,人类正将高楼的功能推向极限。国家地理频道在《伟大工程巡礼之最》节目中,介绍这些将高楼推向极限的设计师。

杜拜正以聚集全球极限建筑而逐渐声名远播。高达 320 多公尺的帆船酒店是世界上最高的饭店。而彷佛比艾菲尔铁塔高还不够,它伫立在离海岸 270 公尺远的巨大人造岛上。帆船酒店的形状受到传统帆船的启发,面对着、也承受着无数的挑战,成为《杜拜的梦幻皇宫》。

从帆船酒店的海滩南下到波斯湾四公里远处,另一个巨大的建造计划正在进行中。这项计划不会打破任何高度纪录,但世界岛会成为有史以来最大的人造群岛。世界岛需要 3 亿 2 千多万立方公尺的砂石建造,届时将以 300 座岛屿重现世界地图。一旦完成,预期将有 25 万人成为《世界岛》的居民。

当然,最好的计划需要最好的材料。各式各样的建筑,从罗马的万神殿到巴拿马运河,都因混凝土而能通过时间的考验。砖头发明后九千年,我们依旧大量使用它们。而说到世界上最惊人的建筑,不可能忽略了钢铁。这些神奇建材的过去与现在都在《伟大工程巡礼: Concrete》、《伟大工程巡礼: Brick》和《伟大工程巡礼: Steel》节目中一一呈现。


1. 帆船酒店以世界上 _____ 而闻名。
(A) 最大的汽车旅馆
(B) 最长的岛屿
(C) 最高的饭店
(D) 最大的建筑
题解: 根据第二段,高达 320 多公尺的帆船酒店是世上最高的饭店,故选 (C)。

2. 当世界岛完工后,下列何者最可能成真?
(A) 将由 3 亿 2 千万个岛组成。
(B) 将成为世上最大的一座人工岛。
(C) 将需要整整 3 亿 2 千万立方公尺的砂土。
(D) 将会是 25 万居民的家。
题解: 根据第三段,世界岛会成为有史以来最大的人造群岛。需要 3 亿 2 千多万立方公尺的砂石来建造,届时将包含 300 座岛屿。完成后,预期将有 25 万人成为世界岛的居民,故仅 (D) 的叙述正确。

3. 罗马的万神殿和巴拿马运河有何相似之处?
(A) 都是用混凝土建造。
(B) 都是古代建筑。
(C) 都包含钢铁、砖块和混凝土的混合体。
(D) 都曾经是世界上最高的建筑。
题解: 根据第四段,从罗马的万神殿到巴拿马运河,都因混凝土而能通过时间的考验,因此应选 (A)。

4. 在第四段中,作者试着要 _____。
(A) 解释哪一种建材最好
(B) 列出所有使用过的建材
(C) 举出一些有趣的建材
(D) 显示出材料相互取代的历史
题解: 根据第四段,作者提到一些建筑的材料,包括混凝土、钢铁和砖块,最接近答案 (C),故选之。

标准答案: 1. (C) 2. (D) 3. (A) 4. (C)

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