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常春藤解析英语【37】A Flame of Hope 荣耀的奥运圣火

2010-08-13 17:50:16 来源:常春藤英语
A Flame of Hope 荣耀的奥运圣火

by Kevin Lustig

With the 2008 Summer Olympics about a year away, there is a lot to be done. One of the many things _(1)_ hammered out is the exact route of the Olympic Flame on its trip to Beijing. As discussions continue about where and when this unique symbol will travel, people are _(2)_ notice of one of the great traditions of the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Flame, or Torch, was introduced to the modern Olympics in 1928, _(3)_ the gift of fire given to man by Prometheus. As in the Greek myth, the flame _(4)_ progress and knowledge. In 1936, the torch was lit in Athens and carried by runners all the way to the site of the Olympics in Berlin. This torch relay has _(5)_ for all the Summer Games since then and for all the Winter Games since 1960. Each Olympic year, the torch is lit from the same fire in Athens and taken to the host city. In 2004, a global torch relay was held for the Athens Olympics, lasting 78 days _(6)_ all previous Olympic cities.

The torch has traveled many miles by runners, boats, and airplanes, and even gone underwater. _(7)_ the torch relay goes next year, it will surely be an object of interest and inspiration. The Olympic Games have come and gone to many cities all over the world, but the flame itself just keeps going.

1. (A) is (B) being (C) are (D) been
2. (A) looking (B) putting (C) taking (D) setting
3. (A) symbolizing (B) symbolizes (C) symbolize (D) symbolized
4. (A) explores (B) advises (C) performs (D) represents
5. (A) dropped by (B) taken place (C) got along (D) come true
6. (A) visiting (B) to visit (C) and visiting (D) that visited
7. (A) Wherever (B) Whatever (C) Whether (D) However


1. One of the many things being hammered out is the exact route...
a. 本句主词为句首的代名词词组 One of the many things(众多事情的其中之一),动词为 be 动词 is,之后的 the exact route(确切的路线)则为名词词组作主词补语。
b. 原句分析如下:
One of the many things being hammered out is the exact route...
= One of the many things which is being hammered out is the exact route...
c. 形容词子句 which is being hammered out 可化简为分词词组,其原则如下:
1) 删除作主词的关系代名词 which;
2) 之后的 is 化为现在分词 being 后可予以省略。
d. 根据上述化简原则,可知应选 (B)。(A) is 与 (C) are 均为动词,但本句已有主要动词 is,故 (A)、(C) 均不可选。(D) been 为过去分词,仅用于完成式助动词 have/has/had 之后,不单独使用,故 (D) 亦不可选。

2. ...people are taking notice of one of the great traditions of the Olympic Games.
a. 本空格测试下列固定词组:
take notice of...  注意……
例: People are starting to take notice of the new singer's CD.
b. 根据上述,仅 (C) 符合上述固定用法,故为正选。

3. The Olympic Flame, or Torch, was introduced to the modern Olympics in 1928, symbolizing the gift of fire...
a. 本空格测试下列概念:
例: John sat there read the newspaper. (X)
上句两个动词 sat 与 read 无连接词相连,可修改如下:
→ 以连接词 and 连接:
John sat there and read the newspaper.
→ 第二个动词 read 化为现在分词 reading:
John sat there reading the newspaper.
b. 同样地,若两动词有逗点相隔而无连接词时,则第二个动词要变成现在分词。
例: Jim goes jogging every morning, hoping it will help him lose a few kilos.
c. 原句空格前有逗点,由上述得知,本题应选 (A)。

4. As in the Greek myth, the flame represents progress and knowledge.
a. (A) explore vt. 探险
(B) advise vt. 建议,忠告
advise sb on sth  就某事给予某人忠告
= give sb advice on sth
例: The doctor advised Terry on his eating habits.
(C) perform vt. 执行 & vi. 表演
(D) represent vt. 代表
= stand for...
例: Many countries throughout history have chosen the eagle to represent them.
b. 根据语意,可知应选 (D)。

5. This torch relay has taken place for all the Summer Games since then...
a. (A) drop by  顺道拜访
例: On my way home, I'll drop by and give you all of your DVDs back.
(我会在回家的路上顺道去你家,把你的 DVD 都还给你。)
(B) take place  (事件)发生
例: I was happy to wake up and realize the event didn't really take place.
(C) get along (with sb)  (与某人)相处融洽
例: Sam gets along with everyone except his younger brother.
(D) come true  (梦想等)成真
例: Finally, Irene's wish came true and she became a famous actress.
b. 根据语意,可知应选 (B)。

6. In 2004, a global torch relay was held for the Athens Olympics, lasting 78 days and visiting all previous Olympic cities.
a. 空格前有现在分词 lasting (持续),得知空格内须用对等连接词 and 连接另一现在分词 visiting(造访),以形成对等连接,故 (C) 为正选,而不可选 (A)。
b. 选项 (B) to visit 为表『目的』的不定词词组,译为『为了要造访』,置入后语意不通,故不可选。
c. (D) that visited 等于 which visited,为形容词子句,但如此一来,that 的先行词是 78 days,形成下列不合逻辑的句意:『造访所有曾举办过奥运城市的 78 天』,语意荒谬,故 (D) 亦不可选。

7. Wherever the torch relay goes next year, it will...
a. (A) Wherever + S + V, S + V  无论何处……,……
= No matter where + S + V, S + V
例: Wherever you decide to go to college, I'll be happy to come visit you.
(B) Whatever + S + V, S + V  无论什么……,……
= No matter what + S + V, S + V
此处的 what 是疑问代名词,在所引导的副词子句中作主词或动词的受词。
例: Whatever you do, I'll support you.
= No matter what you do, I'll support you.
*上句的 what 作为 do 的受词。
例: Whatever happens, I'll support you.
= No matter what happens, I'll support you.
*上句的 what 作主词,动词为 happens。
(C) whether conj. 不论是否……(与 or not 并用)
例: Lisa wasn't sure whether she should buy a new scooter or not.
(D) However + S + V, S + V  无论如何……,……
= No matter how + S + V, S + V

how是疑问副词,在所引导的副词子句中可修饰动词、形容词或副词。当修饰形容词或副词时,须将该形容词或副词往前移位,置于 how 之后,使 how 直接修饰该形容词或副词。
例: However you decide to decorate the room, I'm sure I'll be happy with it.
例: No matter how smart you are, there will always be someone smarter than you.
b. 根据上述,空格置入 (A) Wherever 后,即等于 No matter where the torch relay goes...,符合语意、用法,故为正选。


1. hammer out...   苦心想出(方法等);绞尽脑汁解决(问题等)
例: We still need to hammer out some details, but the plans look good in general.

2. be introduced to...  被引进到……
例: This kind of music was not introduced to Asia until the 19th century.

3. light vt. 点燃,点亮
例: The city finally built some streetlamps to light the path in the park.

4. host n. 主办者 & vt. 主办
例: I'd be happy to host the party at my house this Friday.

5. of interest  有趣的,令人感兴趣的
例: This building is of interest because it was the home of the president.

6. inspiration n. 灵感
inspire vt. 激励,鼓舞
inspire sb to V  激发某人做……
例: Watching the Olympics inspired Sandy to work harder as an athlete.


1. flame n. 火焰
2. route n. 路线
3. discussion n. 讨论
4. symbol n. 象征
5. tradition n. 传统
6. torch n. 火炬,火把
7. myth n. 神话
8. relay n. 传递;接力
relay race  接力赛跑
9. previous a. 之前的
10. object n. 物体,对象



奥运圣火,或称火炬,于1928年引进现代奥运会,象征普罗米修斯给予人类作为礼物的火焰。在希腊神话中,火焰象征进步与知识。1936年,圣火于雅典点燃,由跑者一路传递至奥运主办城柏林。从此之后,每年的夏季奥运都有圣火传递,而冬季奥运的圣火传递则从1960年开始。每次举办奥运时,圣火在雅典的同一火源点燃,再带到主办的城市。2004 年,雅典奥运会举行了全球性的圣火传递,历时 78 天,并造访曾举办奥运的所有城市。


标准答案: 1. (B) 2. (C) 3. (A) 4. (D) 5. (B) 6. (C) 7. (A)

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