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常春藤解析英语【42】Body Signs 不容忽视的人体警讯

2010-08-13 17:55:49 来源:常春藤英语
Body Signs 不容忽视的人体警讯

by Rebecca Fratzke

We sometimes need expensive tests to determine our state of health, but often our bodies tell us all we need to know. Growing up, we're taught which bodily signs are causes for concern. _(1)_

The first signs we learn about are changes in the color, odor, and texture of the stuff that comes out of our bodies, such as urine, feces, and mucus. Although these things might be embarrassing to talk about, they are easily recognizable. _(2)_ Yellow or green mucus is a sign of bacterial infections. The duration of changes in our bodily functions can also provide a clue about our body's condition. For example, diarrhea is common, with over 500 causes. _(3)_

Not all bodily signs are that gross. The skin and eyes taking on a yellow tone can be signs of liver problems. _(4)_ Red eyes can be a sign of conjunctivitis, also called pink eye. This infection is contagious, so being aware of its signs early benefits everyone.

Beyond illnesses, an unhealthy lifestyle can also cause certain bodily signals. A lack of calcium can result in leg cramps or insomnia. _(5)_ Actually, white spots could just mean you use your hands a lot. A mild infection or allergic reaction to nail polish might also cause white spots. Changes in your body can tell you a lot about how your diet and behavior are affecting you.
Our bodies send out many signs about their health. By learning to read our natural signs, we can decide whether we just need a few days of rest, a lifestyle change, or a trip to the doctor's office.

(A) For example, healthy mucus in our nose and throat is clear or white.
(B) A popular myth says white spots on one's fingernails are also signs of calcium deficiency.
(C) Paying attention to these signs teaches us about what is and isn't normal for our bodies.
(D) But if it happens for days on end, its cause may be serious.
(E) According to Chinese medicine, pimples on one's forehead are also signs of liver troubles.


1. 第一题空格应选 (C)
a. 空格前提及,从小到大我们就被教导需要注意身体上的哪些征兆(bodily signs),推测接下来应继续说明为何要注意这些征兆。
b. 选项 (C) 说,注意这些征兆能让我们知道身体哪里正常及哪里不正常,符合上述推论,且两句中均有本文探讨的主题 signs(征兆),可知应为正选。
pay attention to...  注意……
例: I always pay attention to the news so I will know what's going on in the world.

2. 第二题空格应选 (A)
a. 空格前提到,讨论尿液、排泄物及黏液(urine, feces, and mucus)虽然有些难为情,但这些东西却很容易就能分辨出来,得知接下来应举例说明这些东西如何透露健康情形。
b. 选项 (A) 说,健康的鼻涕和痰(mucus in our nose and throat)是透明或白色的,而空格后提及黄色或绿色的黏液(mucus)便是细菌感染的征状,分别是不同颜色的黏液代表的不同意义,符合上述推论,故为正选。
for example  举例来说(= for instance)
例: Not all sea animals are fish. The dolphin, for example, is a mammal.

3. 第三题空格应选 (D)
a. 空格前说举腹泻(diarrhea)为例,有五百多种因素(causes)会导致正常腹泻,推测空格应讨论何种腹泻为不正常。
b. 选项 (D) 说,如果连续发生好几天,原因可能就不单纯了,选项中的代名词 it 即表上句的 diarrhea,两句也均有关键词 cause(因素),而 for days on end(连续好多天)则呼应前两句的 The duration of changes in our body(身体功能在时间长短方面的改变),可知 (D) 为正选。
for days/weeks/months... + on end
一段时间 + in a row  
例: My neighbors have been playing loud music for hours on end.
例: Our team has won the championship four years in a row.

4. 第四题空格应选 (E)
a. 空格前说皮肤或眼睛的颜色偏黄可能是肝出了问题(liver problems)。
b. 选项 (E) 则说,根据中医,额头上长青春痘也是肝出问题(liver troubles)的征兆,语意连贯,故为正选。
a. according to...  根据……
例: According to my friend Marcus, Rain is very popular in America.
(根据我朋友马克斯所言,Rain 在美国很红。)
b. pimple n. 青春痘
c. forehead n. 额头

5. 第五题空格应选 (B)
a. 空格前说缺乏钙质(A lack of calcium)可能导致腿抽筋或失眠。
b. 选项 (B) 说,有项迷思则是说指甲上的白点也是缺乏钙质(calcium deficiency)的象征,两句中皆有关键词 calcium(钙质),且前句的 a lack of(缺乏)与选项中的 deficiency(缺乏)相呼应,故为正选。
a. myth n. 迷思;错误的概念
Contrary to popular myth, S + V  与一般认知不同的是,……
例: Contrary to popular myth, there's no such thing as bad luck.
b. deficiency n. 缺乏


1. provide a clue about...  提供……的线索
例: The frosting on Sally's shirt provided a clue about who had eaten all the cake.

2. take on...  呈现……(颜色、外表等)
例: The rotten fruit took on a terrible smell in the hot sun.

3. be aware of...  注意……;知道……
例: You need to be aware of the exits in case there's an emergency.

4. a lack of...  缺少……
例: The team couldn't buy better players because of a lack of money.

5. result in...  导致……
result from...  由于……
例: Using new textbooks should result in better test scores for our students.
例: Jack's bad mood resulted from breaking up with his girlfriend.

6. allergic a. 过敏的
be allergic to...  对……过敏
例: Rita is allergic to peanuts. If she eats one, she could die.


1. determine vt. 决定
2. bodily a. 身体的
3. cause for concern  令人担心的理由
4. texture [ `tEkstSK ] n. 质地
5. stuff n. 东西(不可数)
6. urine n. 尿
7. feces n. 排泄物
8. mucus n. 黏液
9. embarrassing a.(物)令人尴尬的
embarrassed a.(人)感到尴尬的
10. recognizable a. 可辨认的
11. bacterial a. 细菌的
12. duration n. 持续时间
13. function n. 功能
14. diarrhea n. 腹泻
15. gross a. 恶心的
16. tone n. 色调
17. conjunctivitis n. 结膜炎
= pink eye
18. contagious a. 会传染的
19. benefit vt. 有益于
20. calcium n. 钙质
21. cramp n. 抽筋
22. insomnia n. 失眠(症)
insomniac n. 失眠症患者
23. mild a. 轻微的
24. reaction n. 反应(其后常与介词 to 并用)
25. nail polish n. 指甲油
26. affect vt. 影响
effect n. 影响




并不是所有的身体征兆都那么恶心。皮肤或眼睛颜色偏黄可能是肝出了问题。根据中医,额头上长青春痘也是肝出问题的征兆。眼睛红可能是结膜炎的征兆,也就是所谓的 pink eye。这种发炎是会传染的,因此及早注意到这项征兆对大家都有好处。



标准答案: 1. (C) 2. (A) 3. (D) 4. (E) 5. (B)

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