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常春藤解析英语【43】Space Mysteries 太空搜密

2010-08-13 17:56:46 来源:常春藤英语
Space Mysteries 太空搜密

by Kevin Lustig

The universe is a big place. In all of that space, humans have discovered many things that both fascinate and mystify us. Tune in to the National Geographic Channel this month to learn about some intriguing Space Mysteries.

When bright objects with long tails flew through the skies over the ancient world, people were often terrified. Now when we see these impressive lights in the sky, we know they aren't omens of disaster, but comets. Of course, comets are more than just beautiful displays in the sky. The water they hold may someday be used to support human space exploration. NASA's Deep Impact project crashed a spacecraft into one of these balls of rock and ice to discover more about the secrets of Comets.

When we look up into the night sky, what we see is just a fraction of all of the bodies in space. It takes powerful telescopes to see much of what's out there. However, even the most powerful telescope can't see black holes. These are dark points in the universe where the gravity is so strong that even light can't escape. By simulating these mysterious objects on computers, scientists are learning about the many ways in which the universe relies on Black Holes.

There is a lot of debate about the existence of aliens. If they are real, the people at the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) will probably know about it first. This group of scientists and amateur astronomers are searching the skies for evidence of alien life. To do it, they're using huge collections of satellite dishes and advanced computing power. Today, this technology continues mankind's decades-old search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

Think you know a lot about outer space? There may be more going on out there than you think. Let the National Geographic Channel show you some of the most incredible, unexpected parts of our universe in Space Mysteries.

1. According to the article, what is true about the universe?
(A) There are many things about it we don't understand.
(B) It's too big for us to possibly learn about.
(C) We can see that it's filled with black holes.
(D) It doesn't contain any intelligent creatures besides humans.

2. In the ancient world, comets were thought of as ______.
(A) animals with long tails
(B) balls of rock and ice
(C) sources of water in space
(D) signs of bad future events

3. Which of the following is NOT true about black holes?
(A) They are invisible to even powerful telescopes.
(B) Their gravity is too minor to detect from Earth.
(C) Scientists can imitate them on computers.
(D) They are important in the universe's structure.

4. Why will SETI probably find out about alien life first?
(A) They know exactly where aliens can be found.
(B) They have known of their existence for many years.
(C) They are searching for aliens with advanced technology.
(D) They have captured an alien spacecraft.


1. mystify vt. 使迷惑
例: The ancient writing continues to mystify researchers.

2. tune in to + 频道  转到……频道
例: Tune in to RockTV for more of your favorite music videos.
(请转到 RockTV 收看更多你喜欢的音乐录像带。)

3. impressive a. 令人印象深刻的
impress vt. 使印象深刻
impression n. 印象
be impressed with...  对……印象深刻
make a good/bad impression on sb  给某人留下好∕坏印象
例: The singer's performance was very impressive.
例: I was impressed with your resume, and I'd like to offer you a job.
例: Frank really wanted to make a good impression on his girlfriend's parents.

4. display n. 展示;陈列
on display  展出中
= on exhibition
例: The world's first airplane is on display at this museum.

5. crash A into B  使 A 撞上 B
crash into...  撞上……
例: I crashed my car into a pole when I turned to wave at the pretty girl.
例: Luckily, nobody was injured when the car crashed into the restaurant.

6. a fraction of...  一点点∕一小部分……
fraction n. 少量,一点点
例: Billy has done only a fraction of his homework.

7. simulate vt. 模拟
例: Pilots are trained on computers that simulate real flight.

8. existence n. 存在
come into existence  产生;出现
= come into being
例: Our organization came into existence 20 years ago.

9. advanced a. 先进的
advance n. 前进
in advance  预先,事前(= beforehand)
例: Please tell me in advance if you're coming to visit me.

10. unexpected a. 意想不到的
unexpectedly adv. 意想不到地
例: Ed unexpectedly won the spelling bee even though he didn't practice.

11. be thought of as...  被认为(是)……
= be looked upon as...
= be regarded as...
= be viewed as...
= be seen as...
例: Around the world, California is thought of as the perfect vacation spot.

12. be invisible/visible to...  对……是看不见∕看得见的
例: Bacteria are invisible to us, but they can have a big impact on our lives.


1. universe n. 宇宙
2. intriguing a. 令人好奇的
3. omen n. 预兆
4. comet n. 彗星
5. exploration n. 探索
6. spacecraft n. 宇宙飞船(单复数同形)
= spaceship n.
7. telescope n. 望远镜
8. black hole n. 黑洞
9. gravity n. 地心引力
10. escape vi. 逃脱;逃离
11. alien n. 外星人 & a. 外星人的
12. extra-terrestrial n. 外星生物 & a. 地球以外的
13. intelligence n. 智力,智慧
14. amateur a. 业余的
professional a. 专业的
15. astronomer n. 天文学家
16. satellite dish n. 碟形卫星天线
17. incredible a. 难以置信的
18. imitate vt. 模仿
19. structure n. 结构
20. capture vt. 夺取;捕捉


1. rely on...  仰赖∕依靠……
= depend on...

2. be filled with...  充满……
= be full of...

3. know of...  知晓……;听说过……



在古代,当拖着长尾巴的发光体划过天际,常引起人们的恐慌。现在看到天空中出现这夺目的光体时,我们知道这是彗星飞过,而不是灾难发生的预兆。当然,彗星不只是空中炫丽的景观,它们夹带的水气也许有一天可以供应人类从事太空探险所需的水源补给。美国航天总署的 Deep Impact 计划发射了一艘宇宙飞船,去撞击一颗岩石和冰所组成的球体以发现更多关于《彗星》的秘密。




1. 根据本文,下列关于宇宙的叙述何者为真?
(A) 我们对它还有很多不了解的地方。
(B) 宇宙太大,我们不可能了解它。
(C) 我们可以看见宇宙中充满黑洞。
(D) 除了人类,宇宙中没有其它有智慧的生物。
题解: 综观全文,可知我们对宇宙还有很多不了解的地方,故选 (A)。

2. 在古代,彗星被视为 _____。
(A) 长尾巴的动物
(B) 由岩石和冰组成的球体
(C) 太空中的水源
(D) 即将发生坏事的前兆
题解: 根据第二段,古代人看见彗星飞过会感到恐慌,因为他们认为那是坏事发生的预兆,故选 (D)。

3. 下列关于黑洞的叙述何者为非?
(A) 我们用高倍望远镜也看不到黑洞。
(B) 他们的引力小到从地球无法侦测。
(C) 科学家可以用计算机仿真黑洞。
(D) 它们是宇宙的重要构造。
题解: 根据第三段,黑洞的引力大到连光线都无可避免被吸进去,故 (B) 的叙述错误。

4. 为什么 SETI 可能最先发现有外星人的存在?
(A) 他们知道究竟哪里可以找到外星人。
(B) 他们知道有外星人存在已经许多年了。
(C) 他们利用高科技寻找外星人。
(D) 他们已经掳获一艘外星人的宇宙飞船。
题解: 根据第四段,SETI 不断利用最先进的计算机科技找寻外星人,故选 (C)。

标准答案: 1. (A) 2. (D) 3. (B) 4. (C)

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