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常春藤解析英语【45】No Sweat 让人尴尬的『水手』

2010-08-13 17:58:53 来源:常春藤英语
No Sweat 让人尴尬的『水手』

by Marcus Maurice

A man finally calls the woman he has liked for a while and asks her out on a date. She says yes and they go to the movies. Halfway through the film, the woman reaches over to hold the man's hand. _(1)_ she does this, she feels a wet, cold palm. Both the man and woman give each other a fake smile. The man knows his date has been _(2)_ when the woman slowly pulls her hand away and slips to the bathroom. Things were going fine _(3)_ the woman felt his sweaty hand. He knows he has to do something about his problem.

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating on one or more parts of the body. This can include the hands, feet, forehead, and underarms. Scientists believe that hyperhidrosis is hereditary and activated by extreme anxiety. Certain foods and drinks, _(4)_ nicotine, can also cause increased perspiration.

Sweating profusely can be uncomfortable and _(5)_. Luckily, there are simple treatments for those with minor hyperhidrosis, including wearing deodorant or taking medication. If a person has a serious case of hyperhidrosis, they can take extreme _(6)_. This includes getting Botox injections, which disable the sweat glands for four to six months at a time. Also, sweat glands can be _(7)_ or diminished with minor surgery that takes less than an hour. With these treatments, sufferers of hyperhidrosis don't have to let the condition put a damper on their lives.

1. (A) As soon as (B) As far as (C) As long as (D) As well as
2. (A) broke (B) terrific (C) ruined (D) potential
3. (A) after (B) until (C) though (D) because
4. (A) except for (B) rather than (C) along with (D) in spite of
5. (A) amazing (B) breathtaking (C) satisfying (D) embarrassing
6. (A) measures (B) offense (C) methods (D) effect
7. (A) recycled (B) removed (C) recovered (D) rejected


1.As soon as she does this, she feels a wet, cold palm.
a.(A)As soon as + S + V, S + V 一……就……
例: As soon as you leave work, please give me a call.
(B)As far as sb is concerned, S + V 就某人而言,……
例: As far as I'm concerned, there's no better way to spend a Sunday than going hiking.
(C)As long as + S + V, S + V 只要……,……
(D)A as well as B  A 和 B
例: This charity collects old clothes as well as money to help the poor.
b.根据上述语意和用法,可知应选 (A)。

2.The man knows his date has been ruined when the woman slowly pulls her hand away...
a.(A)broke a. 破产的
(B)terrific a. 极佳的
例: That action movie is terrific. I'd recommend it to anyone.
(C)ruin vt. 毁坏,破坏
(D)potential a. 有潜能的;可能的 & n. 潜力
例: That horse is a potential champion.
b.根据语意,可知应选 (C)。

3.Things were going fine until the woman felt his sweaty hand.
a.(A)after conj. 在……之后
(B)until conj. 直到……
例: I have to care for my son until he gets better, so I can't go with you.
(C)though conj. 虽然
(D)because conj. 因为
b.根据语意,可知应选 (B)。

4.Certain foods and drinks, along with nicotine, can also cause increased perspiration.
a.(A)except for... 除了……之外
except for 使用时,必须与表完全概念的形容词 all、every、any、no 等并用。
例: Except for a dog, the beggar had nothing.
(B)rather than... 而非……
例: You should tell the child what to do rather than just scold him.
(C)along with... 连同……一起
= together with...
along with 和 together with 连接主词时,该句动词要随第一个主词作变化。
例: Sally, along with me, has to stay behind after work.
(D)In spite of + N/V-ing, S + V  
= Despite + N/V-ing, S + V
例: In spite of being from America, Al hadn't spoken English for years.
b.根据语意、用法,可知应选 (C)。

5.Sweating profusely can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.
a.(A)amazing a. 令人惊讶的
(B)breathtaking a. 令人叹为观止的
例: The view of the sea from Vicky's house is breathtaking.
(C)satisfying a. 令人满意的
例: Neil finds his new job very satisfying.
(D)embarrassing a. 令人尴尬的
b.根据语意,可知应选 (D)。

6.If a person has a serious case of hyperhidrosis, they can take extreme measures.
a.(A)measure n. 措施,办法(常用复数)
take (...) measures  采取(……)措施
例: The government has taken immediate measures to improve the economy.
(B)offense n. 冒犯;触怒
take offense (at...)  (对……)动怒
例: She took offense at my remarks.
(C)method n. 方法
* 无 "take methods" 之用法。
(D)effect n. 效果
take effect  生效
例: The new law will take effect in January next year.
b.根据上述用法及语意,可知应选 (A)。

7.Also, sweat glands can be removed or diminished with minor surgery...
a.(A)recycle vt. 回收
(B)remove vt. 移除
remove A from B  从 B 移除∕除去 A
例: Please remove your car from my parking space.
(C)recover vt. 重新获得(= regain)& vi. 复原
recover from...  从……复原∕康复
例: After recovering from his illness, Nick decided to take a vacation.
(D)reject vt. 拒绝
b.根据语意,可知应选 (B)。


1.ask sb out on a date  约某人外出约会
例: My best friend is going to ask my sister out on a date.

2.do something about...  对……有所行动
do nothing about...  对……没有作为
例: There is no use complaining about your problem. Instead, you should do something about it.

3.extreme  a. 极度的,极端的 & n. 极端(的手段)
go to extremes  走极端
例: Some people go to extremes to impress their dates.

4.take medication  吃药
表『吃药』时,不可说成 "eat medication" 或 "eat medicine"。
例: Some diabetics have to take medication every day.

5.disable  vt. 使无能力;使无法使用
the disabled  残障人士
= the physically challenged
例: No one realized that there was a fire until it was too late because someone had disabled the smoke detectors.

6.diminish  vt. & vi. 减少,缩小
例: The typhoon's strength is diminishing.

7.put a damper on...  让……扫兴
例: Nate's bad attitude put a damper on our party.


1. sweat n. 汗水 & vi. 流汗
no sweat  没问题,小意思
2. halfway adv. 中途;半途
3. palm n. 手掌
4. fake a. 假装的
5. slip vi. 溜走,悄悄地走
6. sweaty a. 多汗的
7. hyperhidrosis n. 多汗症
8. excessive a. 过多的
9. forehead n. 额头
10. underarm n. 腋下
11. hereditary a. 遗传的
12. activate vt. 起动,触发
13. anxiety n. 焦虑
14. nicotine n. 尼古丁(香烟中致癌的物质)
15. perspiration n. 流汗
16. profusely adv. 大量地
sweat profusely  汗流浃背
17. treatment n. 治疗
18. minor a. 不严重的;较小的
19. deodorant n. 体香剂,除臭剂
20. Botox n. 肉毒杆菌
21. injection n. 注射
inject vt. 注射
22. gland n. 腺体
sweat gland  汗腺
23. sufferer n. 受苦者;患者





标准答案: 1. (A) 2. (C) 3. (B) 4. (C) 5. (D) 6. (A) 7. (B)

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