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常春藤解析英语【48】The Little Land of Long Life 长寿小国安道尔

2010-08-13 18:01:53 来源:常春藤英语
The Little Land of Long Life 长寿小国安道尔

by Jerri Graham & Kevin Lustig

There is an old saying: the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes. Yet in Andorra, a small country in the Pyrenees mountain range between France and Spain, death comes slow and taxes are nonexistent. This tiny nation is culturally rich, financially sound, and tourist-friendly.

You may have a hard time _(1)_ Andorra on a map. The country is just 464 square kilometers. Its population is only 73,100, and 67.7 percent of the people there are immigrants from other European countries. Because of this _(2)_, the majority of Andorrans speak four languages. The country is a tax haven, and many of the world's extremely wealthy list Andorra as their home country because of the great tax laws. In fact, because taxes are _(3)_ nonexistent, postage stamps issued by the government are one of the nation's leading sources of income. The tax laws also _(4)_ a lot of tourism, as tax-free shopping is available throughout the country.

Impressively, Andorra currently has the world's highest life expectancy at a(n) _(5)_ of 83.52 years of age. One theory for this longevity is that its tourism-based economy doesn't include many strenuous occupations, so Andorrans aren't _(6)_ to suffer ill health due to work. Also, the country's low population limits hazards like car accidents. No one can say for sure _(7)_ the recipe for longevity is in this small, mountaintop country. Whatever the reasons, the citizens of Andorra are living for many years of wealth, health, and happiness.

1. (A) to find    (B) finding     (C) found     (D) to finding
2. (A) anxiety    (B) personality   (C) capacity   (D) diversity
3. (A) practically  (B) scarcely     (C) exactly   (D) relatively
4. (A) achieve    (B) release     (C) attract    (D) withdraw
5. (A) balance    (B) height     (C) average    (D) expense
6. (A) maybe     (B) likely     (C) probable    (D) possible
7. (A) what     (B) that      (C) which      (D) whether


1.You may have a hard time finding Andorra on a map.
have a hard time + V-ing  做……有困难
= have difficulty + V-ing
= have trouble + V-ing
= have problems + V-ing
例:We had a hard time convincing Stuart to sell us his car.
b.根据上述用法,可知应选 (B) finding。

2.Because of this diversity, the majority of Andorrans speak four languages.
a.(A) anxiety n. 焦虑
(B) personality n. 人格,个性
(C) capacity n. 容量
例:The bus has a capacity of 24 people.
(这辆公交车的载客量为 24 人。)
(D) diversity n. 多样性
例:The college prides itself on the diversity of its students.
b.空格前提到,安道尔的人口有百分之 67.7 是来自欧洲其它国家的移民,可知由于这样的『多样性』,大部分的安道尔人会说四种语言,故选 (D)。

3.In fact, because taxes are practically nonexistent, postage stamps issued by the government are...
a.(A) practically adv. 几乎
practically(= almost)通常用来修饰涵盖性完全的词类,共计有四个:every、no、all、any。
例:Tom is late for work practically every day.
(B) scarcely adv. 几乎不
(C) exactly adv. 精确地;恰好地
exactly 一般不用来修饰动词,而通常置于数字或含疑问词(what, where, when, how, who)的名词子句之前,以强调该数字或疑问词。
(D) relatively adv. 相当地
b.空格后为形容词 nonexistent(不存在的),故根据上述语意、用法,可知应选 (A)。

4.The tax laws also attract a lot of tourism,...
a.(A) achieve vt. 达成
achieve one's goal  达成某人的目标
(B) release vt. 发行
(C) attract vt. 吸引
(D) withdraw vt. 提取;撤回
例:I wanted to withdraw some money from the ATM, but I forgot the password.
b.根据前后语意,可知应选 (C)。

5.Impressively, Andorra currently has the world's highest life expectancy at a(n) average of 83.52 years of age.
a.(A) balance n. 平衡
strike a balance between A and B
在 A 与 B 之间取得平衡
例:We need to strike a balance between economic development and environmental protection.
(B) at a height of...  在……的高度
例:The plane flew at a height of 700 meters.
(C) an average of + 数字  平均……
例:Our university has mostly older students, at an average of 35 years old.
(D) at the expense of...
= at the sacrifice of...
= at the price of...
= at the cost of...
例:I don't want to succeed at the expense of my friendships.
b.根据上述语意、用法,可知应选 (C)。

6...., so Andorrans aren't likely to suffer ill health due to work.
be likely to V  有做……的可能
例:You are likely to bump into her if you go to the library at 6:00 every day.
= It's likely that you bump into her if you go to the library at 6:00 every day.
b. maybe(或许)为副词,使用时通常置于句首,故 (A) 不可选。
c. 无 "人 + be probable/possible to V" 之用法,因为这两个形容词无法用来修饰人,故 (C)、(D) 均不可选。
d.根据上述,可知应选 (B)。

7. No one can say for sure what the recipe for longevity is in this small, mountaintop country.
空格前为及物动词 say,其后则为有主词和动词的子句,由此可知,空格应选填可引导名词子句的词类,以作为 say 的受词。
a. what 为疑问代名词,可引导名词子句,且 what 置入空格后,除可作及物动词 say 的受词,亦可作 is 后的主词补语,符合语意、用法,故选 (A)。
例:Do you understand what I just said?
b. that 虽可用来引导名词子句,但其后须为完整的子句,而此处空格须置入可作主词补语的词类,故 (B) 不可选。
c. which 为关系代名词,使用时其前须有先行词(名词),故 (C) 不可选。
例:This is the book which I bought yesterday.
d. whether(是否)亦可用来引导名词子句,但置入后语意不符,故 (D) 亦不可选。


1. the majority of...  大多数的……
例: The majority of coal miners have respiratory problems in their old age.

2. list A as B  将 A 列为 B
例: The game program lists Sam as a third baseman.

3. issue vt. 发布
例: We can't issue you a passport until you fill out this form.

4. impressively adv. 令人印象深刻地
impressive a. 令人印象深刻的
例: The young singer was impressive during his first public performance.

5. suffer vt. 遭受 & vi. 受苦;罹患(疾病)
suffer from...  饱受……(疾病)之苦
例: The general suffered several defeats before finally beating the enemy.
例: Elizabeth suffers from high blood pressure.

6. hazard n. 危险
hazardous a. 危险的
occupational hazards  职业伤害
be a hazard to...  对……构成危险
= be hazardous to...
例: Smoking is hazardous to your health.

7. whatever...  不管∕不论什么……
= no matter what...
例: No matter what he says, I will not listen to him.
Whatever the reasons, the citizens of Andorra are living...
= Whatever the reasons may be, the citizens of Andorra are living...


1. mountain range n. 山脉
2. nonexistent a. 不存在的
existent a. 存在的
3. sound a. 健全的;完好的
4. tourist-friendly a. 对观光客友善的
5. population n. 人口(集合名词)
6. immigrant n. 外来移民
7. tax haven  避税场所
* 指吸引许多人去居住或投资的无税或低税率国家或地区。
haven n. 避风港;避难所
8. postage n. 邮资
9. leading a. 最重要的
10. income n. 收入
11. tax-free a. 免税的
12. available a. 可得到的
13. life expectancy n. 预期寿命
14. longevity n. 长寿
15. tourism-based a. 以观光业为本的
16. strenuous a. 费力的
17. occupation n. 职业
18. recipe n. 诀窍,方法;食谱



在地图上你很难找到安道尔。这个国家仅 464 平方公里,人口只有七万三千一百人,其中百分之 67.7 是来自欧洲其它国家的移民。由于这样的多样性,大部分的安道尔人会说四种语言。这个地方是个避税天堂,世界上许多超级富翁都因安道尔绝佳的税务制度而将这里当作自己的家。事实上,因为税收几乎不存在,政府发行的邮票成了该国的主要收入之一。其税法也吸引了许多观光客,因为全国到处都有免税商店。

令人印象深刻的是,安道尔目前是全球最长寿的国家,平均寿命是 83.52 岁。关于他们长寿的理论之一是,他们以观光为基础的经济不包含许多耗费体力的职业,因此安道尔人较不会因为工作而影响身体健康。再者,安道尔的人口稀少也限制了行车意外等危险。没有人能确定安道尔这个山中小国长寿的秘诀究竟是什么。不过无论理由为何,安道尔的居民都将继续过着富足、健康和幸福的生活。

标准答案: 1. (B) 2. (D) 3. (A) 4. (C) 5. (C) 6. (B) 7. (A)

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