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常春藤解析英语【50】International Allure 本土品牌的外国情结

2010-08-13 18:04:21 来源:常春藤英语
International Allure 本土品牌的外国情结

by Kevin Lustig

When you go to almost any store, the products that compete for your money come from a great variety of international sources. One way people choose just one product out of a number of options is to look for things from a certain place, like wine from France or microchips from Taiwan. _(1)_

Companies have known this secret for a long time and commonly use it to their advantage. Of course, companies can't move to a new country every time they want to sell a new product. _(2)_ In a process called foreign branding, companies name and advertise products to seem as if they are from a particular location abroad. This technique is often used even when the product has little or nothing to do with the country it is being connected to. One notable example of this is Häagen-Dazs, a European-sounding name for an American brand of ice cream. _(3)_

Usually, a little bit of a foreign language in a name or advertising is all it takes. _(4)_ Seemingly French vichyssoise soup was actually invented in New York City. English names are on products all over Taiwan. _(5)_ However, with tough competition among so many goods, a little touch of international charm can count for a lot.

(A) It may seem strange that a foreign name on a Taiwanese product is enough to lure customers who may already be aware that the product comes from right here.

(B) The name was chosen to seem Scandinavian, but it actually has no meaning in any language.

(C) Just by being from a particular place in the world, the things we all purchase have a certain reputation that can make all the difference.

(D) Matsui TVs, for example, are made in the UK, but sound like quality Japanese electronics.

(E) So, they bring the foreign country to them.


1.第一题空格应选 (C)
b.选项 (C) 提到,由于产品的制造地,我们购买的产品有了某种让其与众不同的名声。其中,空格前的things from a certain country(从某个国家来的商品)和选项 (C) 的 being from a particular part of the world(从世界上某个地方来的)形成关键词,承接前后两句,故选 (C)。

a. purchase vt. & n. 购买
make a purchase of...  购买……
b. reputation n. 名声,声誉
have a reputation for...  有……的名声
c. make the/a difference  使有差别,使有所不同
例: You can make a difference in a child's life by giving him words of encouragement.

2.第二题空格应选 (E)
b.选项 (E) 提到,因此他们把外国带进他们公司,符合上述推论。填入后,上下文连贯,可知为正选。

3.第三题空格应选 (B)
a.空格前提到最显著的例子是 Häagen-Dazs,一个听起来像欧洲名称的美国冰淇淋品牌,推测空格后应该说明这个名称的特性或其代表的意义。
b.选项 (B) 提到,这个名称因听起来很富北欧风情而雀屏中选,但事实上却不具任何意义。其中,前一句的 European-sounding(听起来像欧洲的)和选项 (B) 中的 Scandinavian(北欧的)形成关键词,故选之。

Scandinavian a. 斯堪地纳维亚的,北欧的
Scandinavia n. 斯堪地纳维亚,北欧

4.第四题空格应选 (D)
a.空格前说,只要在名称上或广告中加进一点外国语言即可奏效。空格后则提到听起来像法文的 vichyssoise 汤实际上是在纽约市研发出来的,由此可知,空格内也应是使用外语命名的例子。
b.选项 (D) 提到 Matsui 电视虽是英国制品,听起来却像是高质量的日本电器,符合上述推论,可知为正选。

a. for example/instance  例如,举例来说
例: Kenny's a miser. For example, he never pays the bill, not even when he's on a date.
b. quality a. 优质的 & n. 品质
例: This is a quality car. It will never break down.
c. electronics n. 电子产品;电子学

5.第五题空格应选 (A)
b.选项 (A) 说到,奇怪的是,就算知道来自本地,这些台湾产品只要有外国名称就足以吸引消费者,符合上述推论,前一句的 all over Taiwan(遍布全台湾)和选项中的 Taiwanese product(台湾产品)形成关键,可知为正选。

a. lure vt. & n. 引诱,诱惑
lure sb into V-ing  引诱∕诱惑某人做……
例: The secret agent lured the guard into leaving his post by calling for help.
b. be aware + that 子句  了解∕知道……
be aware of...  了解∕知道……
例: Are you aware that the light is out in the bathroom?
例: Are you aware of the dangers surrounding police work?


1. compete for...  竞争∕角逐……
例: More than 50 young girls compete for the title of top model.

2. to one's advantage  对某人有利
例: Maybe we can turn the situation to our advantage.

3. every time + S + V  每当……
= each time + S + V
= whenever + S + V
在上列句构中,every/each time 虽为名词形态,却作副词连接词用,即等于 whenever,其所引导的副词子句修饰句中的主要子句,且此主要子句中,通常不用 always 一字。
例: Every time he comes to Taipei, Mr. Hanks goes to that famous restaurant.

4. process n. 过程
in the process of...  在……(过程)中
例: We are in the process of moving.

5. be connected to...  与……有关∕联想在一起
例: Bullfighting is usually connected to Spain in people's minds.

6. a touch of...  少量∕一点点……
例: If you add a touch of vanilla to your coffee, it will be even more delicious.

7. count for a lot  有很大价值∕重要性
count for nothing  毫无价值∕重要性
例: In business, sentiments count for nothing.


1.allure n. 魅力,吸引力
2.option n. 选择
3.microchip n. 微芯片
4.commonly adv. 通常,一般
5.advertise vt. 登广告
6.location n. 地点
7.notable a. 显著的
8.seemingly adv. 似乎,表面上
9.competition n. 竞争
 tough/stiff competition  激烈竞争


1.a great/wide variety of...  种类繁多的……
2.look for...  寻找……
3.have little/nothing/something to do with...  与……几乎没有∕没有∕有些关系



企业早就深谙这个秘密,也经常利用此手法来获利。当然,企业主不可能在每次推销新产品时就搬到新的国家。因此,他们把外国带进自己公司。在一种称为外语命名的过程中,企业会为产品命名,制作广告,让它们看起来像是国外进口的。即使产品和所连结的国家关联性很小,或根本毫无关联,这个技俩也经常被使用。此种手法最著名的例子便是 Häagen-Dazs,一个听起来带有欧风的美国冰淇淋品牌。这个名称因听起来很有北欧风情而雀屏中选,但事实上,它在任何语言中都不具任何意义。

通常,只要在名称上或广告中加进一点外国语言即可奏效。例如,Matsui 电视虽是英国制品,听起来却像是高质量的日本电器。听起来像法文的 vichyssoise 汤实际上是在纽约市研发出来的。以英文命名的产品则遍及全台湾。而且奇怪的是,就算知道来自本地,这些台湾产品只要有着外国名称就足以吸引消费者去购买。然而,在这么多产品的激烈竞争下,一点点异国风味就可能小兵立大功。

标准答案: 1. (C) 2. (E) 3. (B) 4. (D) 5. (A)

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