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常春藤解析英语【57】Switzerland: Armed and Peaceful 和平的武装国家──瑞士

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Switzerland: Armed and Peaceful 和平的武装国家──瑞士

by Jerri Graham

Switzerland may be known for its high-quality chocolates and precision timepieces, but there is more to this landlocked country than sweets and watches.

Switzerland's 7.5 million citizens have managed to avoid the wars and conflicts of other nations. In fact, the country has vowed that it will never get involved in an armed conflict. However, for its own defense, Switzerland still has a strong military with an arsenal of the most technologically advanced equipment available.

Known as the Swiss Armed Forces, Switzerland's military consists of a regular army and air force and a militia made up of everyday citizens with a willingness to fight for their homeland. The backbone of the Swiss army is the country's able-bodied male citizens between the ages of 19 and 31 who are required to serve as part-time soldiers. Women also serve voluntarily in the military.

In many countries, getting troops ready for action can take weeks or months. The Swiss, however, require all males to keep a rifle, ammunition, and a uniform in their homes. As a result, within 12 hours, the entire Swiss army can be ready to take on any task.

Furthermore, Switzerland has enough room in bomb shelters for every citizen, and the country's bridges and tunnels have explosives on them so they can be destroyed in case of invasion. Though Switzerland is neutral, its proximity to many major wars in the past has taught the nation to be prepared.

Switzerland may remain on the outside of the world's military conflicts, but this tiny country isn't all about peace. The Swiss are ready to defend themselves should the need arise.

1. Which of the following is a true statement about Switzerland?
(A) It's only famous for its chocolates and watches.
(B) It has been involved in many major wars in the past.
(C) Like male citizens, females are forced to serve in the army.
(D) Over five million people make their home in the country.

2. The official name of the army in Switzerland is _____.
(A) the Army of Switzerland
(B) the Swiss Army
(C) the Armed Switzerland
(D) the Swiss Armed Forces

3. How long does it take to mobilize the Swiss army?
(A) Less than a day.
(B) 24 hours.
(C) Two weeks.
(D) Less than three weeks but more than two.


1. armed a. 武装的
2. precision a. 精密的 & n. 精确性
3. timepiece n. 钟表
4. landlocked a. 内陆的
5. vow vt. 发誓
vow + that 子句/to V  发誓(做)……
6. defense n. 防御
7. arsenal n. 储藏的武器
8. technologically adv. 技术上地
9. militia n. 国民军
10. everyday a. 平常的;日常的
everyday citizen  平民
everyday life  日常生活
11. willingness n. 乐意,心甘情愿
12. backbone n. 基础,骨干
13. able-bodied a. 身体健全的
14. rifle n. 来复枪
15. ammunition n. 弹药
16. bomb shelter n. 防空洞
17. explosive n. 炸药
18. invasion n. 侵略
19. neutral a. 中立的
20. defend vt. 保卫


* The Swiss are ready to defend themselves should the need arise.

= The Swiss are ready to defend themselves if the need should arise.

在假设语气的 if 子句中,若有表『万一』的助动词 should、过去完成式的助动词 had,及 be 动词过去式的 were 出现时,可将上述词类往前移至主词前,而将 if 省略,其句型如下:

If + S + should + V, 主要子句
= Should + S + V, 主要子句
例: If it should rain, we would cancel the outdoor concert.
= Should it rain, we would cancel the outdoor concert.

If + S + had + 过去分词, 主要子句
= Had + S + 过去分词, 主要子句
例: If I had known you were a vegetarian, I wouldn't have cooked this pork for you.
= Had I known you were a vegetarian, I wouldn't have cooked this pork for you.

If + S + were..., 主要子句
= Were + S +..., 主要子句
例: If Nina were a little taller, she could be a model.
= Were Nina a little taller, she could be a model.


1. be known for sth  因……(事物)闻名
= be famous for sth
be known as + 身分  被称为……;众所皆知的……
= be famous as + 身分
例: This auto manufacturer is known for making excellent cars.
例: Our town is known as the center of the cattle industry in this country.

2. high-quality a. 高质量的
of high quality  高质量的
例: That shop only sells things of very high quality.

3. manage to V  设法做(到)……
例: Sue managed to save enough money to send her parents on a European vacation.

4. conflict n. 冲突
in conflict with...  与……冲突∕矛盾
例: His words are in direct conflict with his actions.

5. get/be involved in...  涉及∕卷入……
例: Tiffany got involved in a relationship with her old boyfriend.

6. consist of...  由……所组成
= be made up of...
= be composed of...
例: Tom's English class consists of students from 13 different countries.

7. serve as...  担任……;充当……
例: You've got to be kidding! This coffee machine serves as the entire break area?

8. voluntarily adv. 志愿地
voluntary a. 志愿的
例: I voluntarily gave up smoking long before the town banned it.

9. As a result, S + V  结果∕因此,……
as a result of...  由于……
例: As a result of your actions, we're awarding you a medal for heroism.

10. take on...  开始从事……;承担……(工作、责任等)
例: Because I have more free time, I have taken on new projects.

11. in case of...  万一……
例: In case of a fire, head calmly and quickly for the exits.

12. proximity n.(距离)接近,邻近(其后与介词 to 并用)
in close proximity to...  非常靠近……
例: I can't believe Jeff built his house in close proximity to a dump.

13. arise vi. 发生,产生
三态为:arise, arose, arisen。
例: A new difficulty arose when we tried to solve the problem.

14. mobilize vt. 动员,调动
例: The fire department quickly mobilized all their men after the terrorist attack.




瑞士的军队被称为瑞士武装部队,包括正规陆军、空军和乐于保家卫国的平民组成的国民军。瑞士的军事主力是该国 19 到 31 岁的健全男性公民,他们必须担任兼职军人的工作。女性也在军队里服志愿役。

在许多国家,集结部队出任务可能需要数周或数月的时间。然而,在瑞士,所有男性均被要求在家中备有来复枪、弹药和一套制服。因此,在 12 个小时内,整个瑞士军队便能整装待发出任务。而且,瑞士拥有足够容纳每位市民的防空洞,全国的桥梁与隧道都装有炸药,万一有敌人入侵,随时都能引爆加以摧毁。虽然瑞士是中立国,她在过去邻近许多发生重大战争国家的经验中,学习到要随时做好准备。


1. 关于瑞士,下列叙述何者正确?
(A) 她有名的只有巧克力和手表。
(B) 她过去曾卷入许多重大战争中。
(C) 如同男性公民一样,女性被迫从军。
(D) 超过五百万人定居在该国。
题解: 根据本文第一段,瑞士的巧克力与手表虽然有名,但并非唯一,而综观全文,可知瑞士并未卷入任何战争中,再者,第三段中提到女性在军队里服志愿役,由此可知,(A)、(B)、(C) 均为错误叙述;在第二段中,则提到瑞士有七百五十万公民,故知 (D) 为正选。

2. 瑞士军队的正式名称为 _____。
(A) the Army of Switzerland
(B) the Swiss Army
(C) the Armed Switzerland
(D) the Swiss Armed Forces
题解: 根据第三段,瑞士的军力被称为瑞士武装部队(the Swiss Armed Forces),故选 (D)。

3. 动员瑞士军队需要多久的时间?
(A) 不到一天。
(B) 24 小时。
(C) 两周。
(D) 少于三周但多于两周。
题解: 根据第四段,在 12 个小时内,整个瑞士军队便能整装待发出任务,故选 (A)。

标准答案: 1. (D) 2. (D) 3. (A)

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