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常春藤解析英语【61】Saving Blood, Saving Lives 捐『血』一袋,救人一命

2010-08-16 20:57:04 来源:常春藤英语
Saving Blood, Saving Lives 捐『血』一袋,救人一命

by Luke Dodds

Having a baby can inspire new parents to try the latest method for ensuring their child's health. _(1)_
Cord blood is collected immediately after a baby is born. The blood is valuable because it is rich in stem cells that can be used in treating diseases like childhood cancers and immune system disorders. _(2)_ Stem cells, on the other hand, can easily turn into useful red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets (血小板), which restore the immune system and help patients become healthy again. Although stem cells can also be taken from other sources, cord blood stem cells are especially valuable because they are easily accepted into a patient's body, _(3)_ The potential for future uses of stem cells, such as the creation of entire rgans, is another reason people are considering storing their baby's cord blood.

However, there are drawbacks. _(4)_ Second, the effort might be wasted since it's highly unlikely that a stem cell transplant will ever be needed. And third, if such a transplant were necessary, it's doubtful that the child's own cord blood would be better than that from another donor. Furthermore, even if a child's disease can be treated with cord blood, _(5)_ For these reasons, doctors discourage private cord blood storage, but support the donation of cord blood to public blood banks. If a transplant were necessary, a likely match could be found in a public bank.

Storing a child's cord blood could possibly save his or her life someday. However, it could also turn out to be a waste of resources and money. Despite the drawbacks, many parents are choosing to spend money on cord blood storage, just in case.

(A) Treatment of such diseases normally involves radiation that can be harmful to the patient.
(B) To begin with, storing cord blood is quite expensive.
(C) it may be likely that the child's own cord blood stem cells carry the same defect that caused the disease.
(D) while other types of stem cells are often rejected.
(E) Recently, that method has been storing the blood from newborn babies' umbilical cords (脐带).


1. 第一题空格应选 (E)
a. 空格前一句提到,对于新手爸妈而言,新生儿的到来会促使他们尝试最新的方法(method)来确保孩子的健康。
b. (E) 选项的句子说,在最近,那种方法(method)便是储存新生儿的脐带血,语意连贯,因此 (E) 应为正选。
umbilical cord n. 脐带
umbilicus n. 肚脐

2. 第二题空格应选 (A)
a. 空格前一句表示,脐带血相当珍贵是由于它富含干细胞,可以用来治疗(can be used in treating)儿童癌症和免疫系统失调。
b. (A) 选项的句子主词是 Treatment of such diseases(这些疾病的治疗),和前一句的 treating 产生关联,故 (A) 应为正选。
a. treatment n. 治疗
b. involve vt. 包含,需要
例: I didn't know making a movie involved so much work.
c. radiation n. 放射线
d. be harmful to...  对……有害
例: Secondhand smoke is harmful to your health.

3. 第三题空格应选 (D)
a. 空格前的句子提到,虽然干细胞可以从别的来源取得(be taken from other sources),但脐带血的干细胞特别宝贵,因为容易被病人接受(are easily accepted into a patient's body),且空格前为逗点,可知应置入小写开头的选项。
b. (D) 项的句子 为 while 开头,并提到其它来源的干细胞(other types of stems cells)则经常被人体排斥(are often rejected),与空格前的句子形成反差,因此 (D) 应为正选。
reject vt. 排斥;拒绝
例: David's body rejected the donor's liver.

4. 第四题空格应选 (B)
a. 空格前的句子表示,脐带血也有其缺点,空格后则接连列举其缺点。
b. (B) 项的句子开头为 To begin with(首先),储存脐带血所费不赀,与空格后连续几个说明脐带血其它缺点的句子 "Second, ..."(第二,……)、"And third, ..."(第三,……)、"Furthermore, ..."(此外,……)等形成语意连贯,故 (B) 应为正选。
to begin with  首先(常用于句首)
例: I can't come out tonight. To begin with, I have a lot of homework, and I also have to clean my room.

5. 第五题空格应选 (C)
a. 空格前的句子提到,就算脐带血(cord blood)可以用来治疗孩童的疾病(a child's disease),且空格前为逗点,可知应置入小写开头的选项。
b. (C) 项的句子为 it 开头,并提到孩童自己的脐带血干细胞(the child's own cord blood stem cells)很有可能带有造成疾病的相同缺陷(the same defect that caused the disease),分别与逗点前的 cord blood 及 a child's disease 形成相关,故 (C) 应为正选。
a. it is likely + that 子句  很有可能……
例: If we go to the mountains, it's likely that Peter will want to come, too.
b. defect n. 缺陷


* ..., it's doubtful that the child's own cord blood would be better than that from another donor.
= ..., it's doubtful that the child's own cord blood would be better than the cord blood from another donor.


1. inspire sb to V  激励某人(做)……
例: The article about Picasso inspired me to try to paint in a cubist style.

2. be rich in...  含有丰富的……;富含……
例: Greece is rich in history, and many of its ancient buildings are still standing.

3. on the other hand  另一方面
on (the) one hand...on the other (hand)... 
例: On one hand, we could go to see a movie. On the other hand, we could just rent one.

4. restore vt. 恢复,修复
例: The good job you did on the last project restored my confidence in you.

5. transplant n. 移植 & vt. 移植
例: Daniel hurt his face badly, so the doctor transplanted skin to his face.

6. doubtful a. 不明确的,令人怀疑的
例: It is highly doubtful that the police will find the real murderer.

7. discourage vt. 劝阻;使沮丧
discourage sb from V-ing   劝某人不要(做)……
encourage sb to V  鼓励某人(做)……
例: She tried to discourage him from climbing the mountain by telling him that there were monsters at the top.

8. turn out (to be) + N/adj.  结果是……
例: I thought the show was going to be great, but it turned out to be pretty bad.


1. ensure vt. 确保
2. stem cell n. 干细胞
3. immune system n. 免疫系统
4. disorder n. 失调
5. platelet n. 血小板
6. potential n. 潜力,可能性
7. organ n. 器官
8. drawback n. 缺点
9. donor n. 捐赠者
donation n. 捐赠
10. storage n. 贮藏
11. someday adv. 有朝一日


1. immediately after...  ……之后立即
2. turn into...  变成……
3. spend + 金钱 + on...  花费……(金钱)在……上
4. just in case  以防万一




标准答案: 1. (E) 2. (A) 3. (D) 4. (B) 5. (C)

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