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常春藤解析英语【66】The Virgin Queen 女王未出嫁

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The Virgin Queen 女王未出嫁

by Matthew Brown

Like many historical figures that keep people fascinated, Elizabeth I remains somewhat enigmatic. No one knows the whole truth about the personal aspects of Elizabeth's story. Of course, these things are difficult to know from a historical distance, but even in her own time, her success, power, and mystery were legendary.

Elizabeth became Queen of England when she was only 25 years old. Probably the most talked about aspect of her rule remains her romantic life. Elizabeth was an effective and impressive young queen, but she never married. Much has been made of this fact, and even today, people speculate and disagree about her reasons for remaining "The Virgin Queen." This is so partly because she never offered a complete explanation herself and partly because she displayed an intriguing mix of intelligence and reserve that still keeps people wondering what she was thinking.

Elizabeth undoubtedly had accomplishments outside of her private life which have cemented her place in history. One of the most significant is her role in the establishment of the Protestant Church in England. For reasons both personal and political, she sided with the general feelings of the people and moved to separate the Church in England from the authority of the Pope. Elizabeth is seen as having led England into a "golden age," a time that saw England rise to a place of unprecedented global importance.

It was a time when England produced renowned playwrights, most notably Shakespeare, and several famous adventurers. As we can see from the recent release of the Hollywood movie on the subject, the story of Elizabeth I has not lost its appeal.

1. Which of the following is TRUE of Elizabeth I?
(A) She established the Church of England when she was only 25.
(B) She was intelligent and said whatever was on her mind.
(C) She was credited with contributing to a very prosperous time for England.
(D) She had Shakespeare produce many plays for her.

2. According to the article, what can we infer about Elizabeth's love life?
(A) It was more important than the rest of the things she did.
(B) It is not clear why she never married, and this keeps people interested.
(C) While she was successful as a queen, she was a failure with men.
(D) It's the main reason why she wanted to abolish the Church.

3. The people of England probably _____.
(A) had no interest in religion at all
(B) thought the Church should be led by the Pope
(C) didn't care about Elizabeth's religious preference
(D) were pleased with Elizabeth's decision about the Church


1. virgin a. 处女的 & n. 未婚女子,处女
2. historical a. 历史上的;(有关)历史的
historic a. 历史性的;有历史意义的
3. enigmatic a. 如谜一般的;费解的
enigma n. 谜;难以理解的事物
4. aspect n. 方面
5. legendary a. 传奇的;传说的
6. romantic a. 浪漫的;多情的
romance n. 爱情故事
7. impressive a. 令人印象深刻的
8. intriguing a. 令人感兴趣的
9. reserve n. 寡言;含蓄
10. accomplishment n. 成就
11. significant a. 重大的;有意义的
12. establishment n. 建立,创立
13. Protestant a. 新教徒的 & n. 新教徒
14. authority n. 权力,权威
15. Pope n. 罗马教皇
16. unprecedented a. 空前的
17. playwright n. 剧作家
18. notably adv. 显著地;尤其是
19. release n. 发行,发表
20. prosperous a. 繁荣的
21. infer vt. 推断
22. abolish vt. 废除


1. from a historical distance  从长久的历史来看
2. outside of...  在……之外;除了……
3. be seen as...  被视为……
= be viewed/regarded as...
= be looked upon/thought of as...
4. be on one's mind  某人心中想着(某事)
5. contribute to + N/V-ing  对……作出贡献


1. fascinate vt. 使着迷
be fascinated by/with...   为……所著迷
= be enthralled by...
例: I am fascinated by Medieval European history.

2. somewhat adv. 有点,稍微
somewhat 使用时,通常置于形容词或副词之前修饰。
例: Willy acted somewhat distressed after receiving his report card.

3. effectivea.(人)有能力的;有效的
efficient a. 效率高的
effective 是指能够迅速地产生某种期待的效果或结果,如:effective medicine(有效的药物)。
efficient 则指有能力达成工作目的而不浪费时间与精力,如:an efficient worker(有效率的员工)。
例: The new drug is effective in the treatment of liver diseases.
例: This new machine is more efficient than that old one.

4. speculate vi. 猜测,臆测(与介词 about 或 on 并用)
speculate about/on...  猜测……,臆测……
例: Everyone is speculating on who will be elected the US president.

5. partly because (of)...and partly because (of)...
例: Partly because I overslept and partly because the traffic was heavy, I was late for school this morning.

6. undoubtedly adv. 毫无疑问地
= doubtless(ly)
= no doubt
= without (a) doubt
例: Stan is no doubt the nicest neighbor we have.

7. cement vt. 巩固 & n. 水泥
例: His visit cemented our friendship.

8. side with...  支持……,站在……那一边
= take sides with...
例: We sided with the home team even though their opponents were from our hometown.

9. separate A from B  把 A 与 B 分开
例: The teacher separated John from other boys because of his misbehavior.

10. renowned a. 有名的
be renowned/famous for sth  以……(事物)闻名
be renowned/famous as + 身分  以某身分为人所知
例: Simon is renowned for his ability to write touching speeches.
例: He is renowned as a talented singer.

11. appeal n. 吸引力 & vi. 吸引
appeal to sb  受某人欢迎;吸引某人
例: Rap and hip-hop music appeal to many young people.

12. be credited with...  具有……的功劳(某事是某人做的)
be credited to sb  归功于某人
例: Thomas Edison is credited with the invention of the light bulb.
例: The discovery of this plant was credited to Prof. Stevenson.

13. preference n. 偏好
have a preference for...  偏好……
例: Mike has a preference for Mexican food.

14. be pleased with...  对……感到满意
= be satisfied with...
例: The track coach was not satisfied with the performance of his team.


伊丽莎白 25 岁时继位成为英国女王。谈到她的统治,或许最为人津津乐道的就是她的感情生活。伊丽莎白是个有能力又令人印象深刻的年轻女王,但她却终身未嫁。关于这点曾有诸多说法,即使到今天,世人仍在猜测与争论她成为『童贞女王』的原因。部分是因为她自己从未完整交代为何保持单身,部分则是因为她拥有结合聪颖慧黠与内敛的迷人特质,不让人知道她内心的想法。

1. 关于伊丽莎白一世的叙述下列何者正确?
(A) 她建立英国国教时年仅 25 岁。
(B) 她很聪明,而且有话直说。
(C) 她对英国的兴盛繁荣居功厥伟。
(D) 她让莎士比亚为她写了许多戏剧。
题解: 根据本文第三段,一般认为伊丽莎白带领英国进入『黄金年代』,让英国在国际站上前所未有的重要地位,与 (C) 选项相近,故选之。

2. 根据本文,我们可推论伊丽莎白的感情生活为何?
(A) 她的感情生活远比其它作为来得重要。
(B) 她未婚的理由并不清楚,这使得人们很感兴趣。
(C) 她是个称职的女王,但是和男人的关系却很糟。
(D) 这是她要废除教会的原因。
题解: 根据本文第二段,伊丽莎白女王最为人津津乐道的就是她的感情生活,她终身未嫁,即使到今天,世人仍在猜测与争论她成为『童贞女王』的原因,故选 (B)。

3. 英国人民也许 _____。
(A) 对宗教毫无兴趣
(B) 认为教会应该由教皇来领导
(C) 不在乎伊丽莎白的宗教偏好
(D) 很满意伊丽莎白对教会的决策
题解: 根据本文第三段,女王支持一般大众的想法,进而带领英国教会脱离教皇的管辖,故选 (D)。

标准答案: 1. (C) 2. (B) 3. (D)

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