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常春藤解析英语【67】Human Footprint 人类足迹

2010-08-30 08:33:12 来源:常春藤英语
Human Footprint 人类足迹

by Matthew Brown

This month, National Geographic Channel presents a special variety of programs inspired by Earth Day. One of these programs, Human Footprint, looks at environmental issues from a fascinating perspective.Instead of focusing on the planet as a whole, it goes all the way down to the level of a single person.

Imagine that you could see in front of you all the milk you will drink in your entire life. Well, you'd be facing a whopping 15,951 pints of milk. That's a pretty serious job for a bunch of cows. And what if you could look at the amount of water you will have used by taking 7,163 baths, the average for a person over a lifetime? It would be almost one million liters of water. Now how about seeing all the medicine you will take in your life, all in one place? With about 30,000 pills, you could probably fill a pretty big medicine cabinet. Or maybe you'd like to stroll through a small forest made up of the 24 trees that will produce all the books and newspapers you'll ever read.

We've all heard facts and figures about how much energy a country uses, how much pollution a city will produce, and so on. But Human Footprint actually shows an individual's impact on the world in ways that will make you think about the way you live. The sight of the 74,802 cups of tea that an average person will drink is sure to make an impression. The program also looks at other interesting subjects aside from the environment. Did you know that the average total time spent watching television over a lifetime is 2,944 days—or 8 full years? While watching television or doing other things, you will blink your eyes about 415 million times. And you will experience about 104,390 dreams if you live up to 78.5 years old. Tune in to Human Footprint on NGC to find out more!


1. footprint n. 脚印,足迹
2. fascinating a. 迷人的
3. pint n. 品脱(容量单位)
* 1 品脱美制约 0.47 公升,英制约 0.57 公升。
4. liter n. 公升(容量单位)
5. cabinet n. 橱,柜
6. figure n. 数字
7. impact n. 影响(其后与介词 on 并用)


1. focus on...  将焦点放在……
2. a bunch of...  很多的……
3. take medicine  吃药
4. tune in to...  锁定……(频道)


1. perspective n. 角度,观点
from a/an...perspective/standpoint  
例: This problem needs to be looked at from a legal perspective.

2. as a whole  整体的,整个来看
* as a whole 常置于名词后,以强调该名词。
the society as a whole  整个社会
= the whole society
the school as a whole  整个学校
= the whole school
例: The performance as a whole was up to standard.

3. whopping a. 极大的
a whopping + 数字  极大的……(数字)
例: A whopping 90% of our orders are for T-shirts.
(我们的订单高达九成都要订购 T 恤。)

4. What if...?  要是……会怎样∕怎么办?
例: What if there is no more food left when we arrive?

5. fill vt. 填满,装满
fill A with B  将 A 装满 B,用 B 装满 A
例: He filled the bucket with water.

6. stroll vi. & n. 漫步,散步
take a stroll  散步
= take a walk
= go for a stroll
= go for a walk
例: Every evening, the couple takes a stroll in the park.

7. ..., and so on  ……等等
= ..., and so forth
= ..., and the like
= ..., etc.
例: Pollution is caused by cars, factories, and so on.

8. impression n. 印象
make a good/bad impression on sb  
例: Larry made a good impression on the coach today.

9. aside from...  除了……之外
= apart from...
例: Aside from being an excellent actor, Frank is also an accomplished singer.

10. blink vi. & n. 眨眼
in the blink of an eye  一瞬间,一眨眼之间
例: It all happened in the blink of an eye.

11. be concerned with...  关于……,与……有关;关心……
例: This book is concerned with the changes in Europe.
例: Mike is seldom concerned with/about others' feelings.

12. be worried about...  担忧∕担心……
例: John is worried about the math test we have tomorrow.


想象你这辈子会喝下的所有牛奶都在你眼前。嗯,你将会面对 15,951 品脱牛奶的惊人画面。这对一大群母牛来说可是个大工程呢。再来,如果你能够看到每人一生平均泡 7,163 次澡所用掉的水,那又是什么光景呢?那可是将近 100 万公升的水。现在再看看你这辈子会吃掉的药丸都在同一个地方如何?你可能需要一个大药柜才装得下近三万颗的药丸呢。或许你想在一座有 24 棵树的小森林中散步,这 24 棵树就是生产你一生中所有阅读的书与报纸的来源。
我们都曾经听说许多事实与数据,说明一个国家能消耗多少能源,一座城市又制造了多少污染等等。但《人类足迹》实际呈现一个人对世界的影响,让你重新思考自己的生活方式。亲眼目睹一个人平均会喝下的 74,802 杯茶肯定让人印象深刻。本节目也涵盖环境之外的有趣主题。你知道每人一生平均花 2,944 天,也就是整整八年时间看电视吗?看电视或做其它事情时,你眨眼的次数总共约 4 亿 1 千 500 万次。如果能活到 78.5 岁,你就会做 10 万 4 千 390 次梦。锁定国家地理频道的《人类足迹》,知道更多有趣的事吧!

1. 《人类足迹》 节目有何不同?
(A) 它大部分都在谈一大堆的食物和饮料。
(B) 它表示城市实际上没有制造很多污染。
(C) 它是关于一个人而非大群体所造成的影响。
(D) 它是关于一个大量吃喝的人。
题解: 根据第一段,《人类足迹》节目并非着重在地球整体,而是将重点放在个人层面,故选 (C)。

2. 下列何者与第一段中的词组 focusing on the planet as a whole 意思最相近?
(A) 在照片中或电视上秀出整个地球。
(B) 非常担心地球。
(C) 主题是关于整个地球。
(D) 很努力试着保护地球。
题解: focusing on the planet as a whole 表『将焦点放在地球整体上』,意思最接近于 (C),故选之。

3. 100 万公升的水 _____。
(A) 大约是一个人一生中泡澡会用到的水量
(B) 任何人泡一次澡最多会用到的水量
(C) 比泡 7,163 次澡用到的水量多更多
(D) 你泡澡、饮用及刷牙会用到的水量
题解: 根据第二段,100 万公升的水是每人一生平均泡 7,163 次澡所用掉的水量,可知应选 (A)。

4. 根据本文,收看这个节目可能会对你有何影响?
(A) 你再也不想看到这么多垃圾和废物的画面。
(B) 你会发现你在吃东西方面花了多少钱。
(C) 你会读较少的书和报纸,也不会再喝牛奶。
(D) 你可能会思考自己的所作所为,而不只是整座城市或整个国家。
题解: 根据第三段,《人类足迹》实际呈现一个人对世界的影响,让观众重新思考自己的生活方式,故选 (D)。

标准答案: 1. (C) 2. (C) 3. (A) 4. (D)

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